Complete Your Look! 4 of the Best Tote Bags to Buy

The exact birth of the tote bag is disputed. Technically, versions of it have existed since the 1600s, but the earliest models were built for practicality rather than fashion.

The first use of a bag as an accessory was in 1944 when LL Bean introduced the 'Ice Bag.' Many argue that this didn't technically count as a tote, but the idea gave birth to the modern versions of the tote.

Regardless of when the tote first came to be, it definitely made an impact. Totes now seem like a must-have for famous and aspiring fashionistas.

Staying ahead of the fashion curve can be difficult. We'll try to make it easier by listing off some of the best tote bags on the market in the paragraphs below.

1. Everlane Day Market Tote

This gorgeous tote is popular, spacious, and fashionable. You should have no problems carrying the day's essentials, whatever they may be, in this bag. It can hold a laptop and still have space for several other items.

Not only is this bag useful, but it's famous as well. It's often seen being carried by celebrities and has sold out multiple times in various venues. It comes in 7 colors, and each of them looks amazing.

There is also one feature that may be a dealbreaker or a benefit depending on how you view it. The bag is made from Italian leather. If you're against wearing leather, it may be best to pass up this tote.

2. Madewell Transport Tote

This awesome tote has a lot going for it. Much like the Day Market Tote, it has enough space to comfortably hold a laptop and several other items as well.

One feature the Madewell Transport Tote has that the Day Market Tote doesn't is that it's customizable. You can have your name put on the bag without any extra cost.

It is made out of leather, but there is a caveat to this. The leather is vegetable-tanned. Though the product is still made from hide, the process of turning that hide into leather uses natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.

3. Barrington Gifts Totes

Barrington gifts is another company that offers monogram leather totes. Many of these totes are very affordable, though they also come in several sizes. Some bags have lower prices because they don't hold as much.

4. Longchamp Large Le Pliage

What makes this bag such a good buy? The first is the fact that, like the other bags on this list, it's quite affordable.

Another draw is that it's made from nylon. If you want to look good but can't get on board with leather, this may be one of the best tote bags for you.

The Best Tote Bags to Complete Your Look

There are a lot of awesome tote bags on there, each with their own pros and cons. We've mentioned a few of the best tote bags in the paragraphs above, but there are many others out there. We encourage you to do more research on your own if you're interested.

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