"Constellations" Makes its Way to The Old Globe

The Stars Aren't Only in the Sky - Now They're at The Old Globe

Photos By The Old Globe

Get ready to explore the possibilities of love and circumstance with playwright Nick Payne’s Broadway hit, Constellations showing at The Old Globe in Balboa Park this spring. 

Written by English playwright Nick Payne, Constellations had its first success in England at the Royal Court Theatre. From there, the play gained notoriety, eventually crossing the Atlantic ocean over to the Broadway stage (Samuel J. Friedman Theatre) where it enjoyed some success with renowned actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson as leads. This move must have paid off, as the play and both actors were nominated to receive the Drama League Award. Actress Ruth Wilson even received a nomination in the 2015 Tony Awards for her performance. Since its leave of Broadway, the play has been transformed into several varying novels of the same name, also sharing moderate success.

The plot of Constellations deals with the what ifs and maybes of our everyday life decisions and how they affect where we are today. If we didn’t meet that one person, would we have met someone better? Could a chance meeting really alter your life’s course? Payne explores these types of questions and more in his play with lead characters, Marianne and Roland. After a chance encounter at a party, it soon becomes obvious that the Physicist (Marianne) and beekeeper (Roland) find love, but with slight shifts in their life choices, their connection differs. 

Exploring the different dimensions of their life choices, the couple seems to always find a connection to one another. This play exemplifies the transcendence of love and the journey we embark on to grab hold of it for ourselves beyond the present circumstances we may face. Although our love may not be hindered by a shifting parallel universe, audience members can relate to the uncertainty of life decisions made everyday.

Directed by The Old Globe’s seasoned director Richard Seer, the prospects of the production seem to only surmount. Working on Broadway and Off–Broadway productions over the decades, Seer has directed and performed in 70+ shows. In 1978, he was awarded the Theatre World Award for his performance in the Tony Award–winning Broadway production of Hugh Leonard’s Da. Since then he has become a familiar face at The Old Globe, directing over a dozen productions. His expertise and creativity as a director are highly anticipated.

Other productions of the play have done well in the media’s eye, gaining the favorable attention of publications such as Variety and The New York Times.

Play author Nick Payne has made a name for himself as a successful playwright, authoring a handful of plays throughout the years. He even received the George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright in 2009, an outstanding achievement for such a young writer (25–years–old at the time). He continues to write plays and has been working on a project for the BBC.

Beginning in spring, this intricate storyline will run from April 9th all the way until May 8th. Hosted at The Old Globe in Balboa Park, the play will take place in the Sheryl & Harvey White Theatre and the Conrad Prebys Theatre Center. Any play lucky enough to be performed with The Old Globe Theatre can expect a level of austerity, as well as class with any of their beautiful theatres.

In addition to the regular weekly performances, there will take place a number of post–show forums, as well as an insight seminar to give audience members a deeper look into the production and cast performances. Also, on April 16th after the matinee performance, there will be a subject matters discussion, including scientists, experts, artists and many more to confer on some of the points made with the play’s groundbreaking ideas. These after show discussions will take the audience to a new level of understanding not only Constellations plot, but the direction of the performance in total. 

You won’t want to miss out on Payne’s parallel universe romance and the intricacies it unfolds with every plot twist. And with Seer’s seasoned directing, it will be a show to remember.

All information regarding Constellations can be found on the The Old Globe website, along with ticket pricing, parking and box office availability. The production does include some use of strong language, so discretion with younger audience members is recommended. Just think, if you don’t come out to see the show, what kind of life change will happen in your life? Come support the production this spring!