Contrast: How to Choose Glasses For Your Face Shape

Matching Eyeglass Frames to Face Shapes

We all aim to look stylish and attractive in our sunnies, but what looks good on our friends may not always look good on us. Follow these awesome tips the pros at Lens Crafters recommend to gain insight on the styles you should be rocking this season! You simply need to determine your face shape and understand which eyeglass frame styles would look best on you. 

These are 4 face shapes that match with eyeglass frames. 

1. Heart–Shaped

Picture above. If you have high cheekbones, a slim chin, and a broad forehead. Think Reese Witherspoon! 
Rock these: aviator, wayfarer, cat–eye.

Dodge these: top–busy, embellished.

2. Round–Shaped

Picture above. You have full cheeks, a curved chin, and a broad forehead. Think Mila Kunis! 

Rock these: aviator, wayfarer, rectangular.

Dodge these: round or oversized frames.

3. Square-Shaped

Picture above.  You have a square jawline, as well as a wide forehead and cheeks. Think Angelina Jolie!

Rock these: Aviator, wayfarer, round .

Dodge these: oval and boxy frames.

4. Oval–Shaped

Picture above. Your forehead and chin are narrow and you have high cheekbones. Think Megan Fox! 

Rock these: wayfarer, aviator, square.

Dodge these: big frames.