Cooking Made Easier with the Help of these Handy Kitchen Tools

If you’re new to the realm of cooking, it may be a surprise to learn that good chefs don’t just know how to cook, but have the right tools under their belt in order to minimize their efforts in preparing meals. These tools can range from inexpensive kitchen utilities, to more costly pots and kitchen knives. Having a well-equipped kitchen can reduce the time it takes you to prepare a meal, as well as make it easier for you to cook food how you enjoy it, and not how you accidentally make it. If you take too long to prepare a simple meal, or if you always end up burning meat, take a look at our list of handy tools that make the kitchen much less of a nightmare. 

A Sharp Knife 


Having a set of sharp knives in your kitchen should be your number one priority, no matter what you enjoy cooking. Some individuals may work with their table or steak knives when they have only just moved in to a new home, which is certainly better than nothing, but that won’t be of much help for long. 

You’d be surprised how a high quality sharp knife can help you slice through the toughest ingredients like butter. Everything from skinning meats, to cutting and chopping vegetables gets done quicker and much easier. It will save you plenty of time, as well as help ease the strain on your wrists if you’re cooking for a large group.

Pressure Cooker 


Pressure cookers, also known as instant pots, help you cook meals that can take hours in only minutes. Everything from bone broth to rice can easily be cooked by setting a timer on your instant pot, and leaving it be. Settings such as temperature and duration can also be set according to the instructions in your manual. 

Simply put, a pressure cooker does all the cooking for you, while you go about your day, or continue chopping in the background. For beginner cooks, finding the right pressure cooker can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Depending on your needs and your budget, you should browse through different brands to see what works for you best before you make your purchase.

Kitchen Shears 


Shears are one of those tools that you never know you need until you look up a delicious recipe online, and realize that you need to cut herbs or quickly trim vegetables. When it comes to sharp tools, more expensive is always better. You don’t want to end up with a dull tool that barely cuts through a tough packaging. Some cooks also like to use their shears to evenly slice bread, which can make your meal more aesthetically pleasing.

Non-stick Pan 


Whether you’re frying some vegetables or looking to make the perfect plate of omelet, a non-stick pan will be your best friend. Regular pans can easily burn your vegetables, and may have meat sticking to them. They’re also a nightmare to work with if you’re frying eggs, and they can be very difficult to clean. What makes non-stick pans more convenient is how you’ll also end up saving on frying oil or butter, seeing as a little goes a long way when you’re cooking in a non-stick pan. 

However, you should always remember that these pans require some special care. Avoid rapid temperature changes, as this can damage the utensil. You may also want to avoid stacking up any pots or dishes on top of it because that may scratch your pan in the long run.

High-Powered Kitchen Machine

A high-powered kitchen machine can make your life a ton easier if you like to make smoothies, or tend to mix batter manually. When making batter with your bare hands, it can take you up to fifteen minutes of consistent stirring to get the right consistency, which can also put a strain on your wrist, and make baking less appealing. 


With a kitchen machine, you can reduce that time to a couple of minutes, and get right to baking. These beasts are also much more efficient when it comes to making smoothies, compared to your conventional blenders. You’ll be able to get a smooth consistency out of the toughest fruit, even if you don’t add liquid to your mix. 

Having the right kitchen tools under your belt can make an amateur chef out of a beginner cook. If you’re unsure what you need to purchase, make a list of your most-cooked meals, and see if you need any utensils that will make your life easier. We recommend that you always browse online stores to land the best price for your purchase.