Cosmetic Review Eyeshadows and Brushes



Morphe Cosmetics

Morphe was born in 2008 among artists and beauty influencers in Los Angeles, and so came a community that wanted to push the boundaries of the makeup community. With this new line came makeup brushes that were affordable, yet professional. Morphe wants its buyers to be able to create a “killer makeup without killing their wallet”. Soon this business became world famous and they knew that they needed to expand their line, so then came eyeshadows, lipsticks, contour palettes, and more. “Blend the rules, Morphe babe” this is Morphe’s logo, no matter your background or color makeup is an art for everyone and can be practiced for less.


Who doesn’t want great makeup for a great price? Morphe was sure to listen to their clients wants, and they knew that they had to expand their business, so now in Ulta’s all over the country you can find great products by the one and only Morphe Cosmetics. But this wasn’t enough for the “ride-or-die fam” they needed more, which caused Morphe to open their own shop in Burbank, California, two and half hours away from San Diego. With the launch of their own brand, Morphe started to add a lot of credibility to themselves, but this isn’t the only reason that Morphe has become so popular; it is also because of their relationship with their clients. Since the company was built off of beauty influencers, it only makes sense that they would continue this. Certain makeup artists that have worked with Morphe are Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA, and Laura Lee. Their inclusion of other makeup artists and great products are part of the reason that Morphe cosmetics are so coveted after. Here are some of the products that have made Morphe so popular.

Jaclyn Hill Palette


This two-year love affair with Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Cosmetics has created a palette that has been desired by beauty influencers all over the world. This palette, which came out on June 21st and instantly was sold out, and after two restocks the product was still sold again and again. Everyone loved the versatile colors within this palette, because they were able to use natural taupes and reds, or go for a more dramatic look with its bright blues and purples. Jaclyn states that there is no shortage of the number of looks you can create with this palette, and makeup artists on Instagram are showing that this is exactly the case. Whether mattes, shimmers, satins, foils, and glitter, no matter if you want a dramatic look that is just as bold as your personality, or a natural look to play to your beauty, you can find something that “blends the rules”.


Gun Metal Set


Brushes are what Morphe is known for, and it’s no surprise that they would be made to perfection. These synthetic brushes allow you to blend any products from powder to liquid makeup. This 7 piece set comes with its own silver carrying case, which is great for those MUA’s that are trying to build their ethos, by presenting a professional look.

Gilded Set


Another brush set that has become part of the family of every makeup influencer out there is the Gilded Set. This 159 piece set includes everything, whether you need to blend, shape, contour, or highlight, you will be able to do anything and everything with this brush set. This brush set is great for a budding makeup artist or seasoned professional. This crisp, gold look is sure to give you a professional and skilled look, will make you feel golden.

39A Dare to Create


This palette, which was just introduced on November 7th, includes 39 high-pigment shades, with four rows of color combos. However, that isn’t all this palette contains, but rather in the middle are 7 transitional colors that are great to blend any colors. From reds to bolds, this incredible palette is a great Christmas palette for any makeup lover with a heart that “dares to create”.