Create A Great Patio Garden Where You Can Relax And Enjoy The Beauty Of Summer

When it gets hot outside, something that I love to do is lay down in a shaded area with beautiful plants around me to enjoy a quick summertime nap. This helps me get through the hottest part of the day without the heat taking a toll on my health. To make napping during the summer more enjoyable, I am creating a beautiful patio space. Some of my favorite design tips are listed below.


1. Create A Place To Sit


What would a patio be without a comfortable seating option? Buy patio furniture that suits your space. Adding a seat next to the buddleja, a fragrant plant which is also known as a butterfly bush, is a great option. That way, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful aroma.


If you choose the right plants, you will be able to enjoy a variety of different scents throughout the day. Some plants give off their aroma in the morning while others start smelling later in the day. The buddleja is one of the first that I smell. It is followed by the lobelia and violet, with the petunias joining in later in the day.


2. Create Height With Blocks


Instead of having all of your plants on the same level, use concrete blocks to elevate some of them. Stack them in groups of one, two, or three blocks, with plants positioned on top. This essentially creates a small wall that is covered with beautiful flowers. For my patio, I had to purchase approximately 30 blocks. Since the blocks are so heavy, I did have to engage some helpers to move them and put them in place.


3. Pick The Perfect Plants


I love plants that give off strong aromas. Some of my favorites are sweet peas and strong-smelling herbs like chives, rosemary, thyme, and sage. Of course, lavender is a must. I also really enjoy a potted buddleha that I salvaged from a site that was under construction. I even have plants that bloom at night.


If you are growing your plants in containers, adding compost can help. You also may want to use a fertilizer that releases slowly into the soil over time. Make sure the soil is damp, but avoid overwatering. Adding tomato fertilizer every couple of weeks will help keep the plants healthy. Take up all of the available space in the pots with plants. This will help camouflage the concrete.


4. Close Off Any Gaps


If there are any gaps or openings in the wall, try filling them with nasturtium or lobelia.


To keep from having your pots blown over by the wind, secure them to the blocks using cable ties.


5. Get A Handle On Weeds


Around the outer edge of my patio, I put in a border that includes hydrangea and roses. Unfortunately, some weeds have also joined the mix. The roses are on their last leg, which means that it's time to take some cuttings and placed them in pots. To minimize weeds, I plan on covering the ground with a layer of pea shingle.


I hope that by doing this, I will have a beautiful border that takes a lot less work to maintain. I will still get a good workout when I weed but it won't leave me exhausted.