Creative Ways To Decorate Your Student Room


Moving out of your parents' house and starting university is always exciting and scary at the same time. You will have to discover a new city, get to know a lot of new people, learn how to balance study, work, and personal life. It sounds like a lot, doesn't it? 


You need to create a safe space for yourself where you will be able to relax and restore your energy. Your student room should become this place. 


Yes, at the moment, it might not look like the best place to live in. However, it is within your power to change it and make it feel like home. That's how you can decorate your student room for embarrassingly small sums of money:


Start with the bed


Your bed can be an eye-catching focal point in your room. If you have a single bed, consider getting rid of it and buying a big mattress. Later, you can also find cheap wooden pallets that you can put under the mattress. Sleeping alone on a large double bed is more comfortable. 


In the future, when you invite someone over after a date, you will thank yourself for changing your single bed to a double one.


In case you share a room with someone, you can get bunk beds in order to save some space in your place. To make your bedroom even cozier, invest in beautiful bedding.




Lights can help to create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. So, if you want to create a student room worthy of Pinterest, consider adding a string of fairy lights (well, they are not only for Christmas tree). It's called a fairy light power!


You can either hang them on the walls, put them on the windowsill, or drape a strand of the twinkling beauties all-around your student room. You might also want to install spotlights or get yourself a floor lamp. 


Make sure to switch them every time you leave a dorm and keep them away from materials. 


Decorate your walls


In case your room needs some repairing, but you don't really want to invest in it, consider covering your walls with colorful fabrics and posters. 


If you plan to stay in that room for a few years, stick removable wallpaper. All you need to do is to choose the wallpaper you like and then stick it up by using the starch. You will be able to peel it off any time you want. 


Hang a corkboard


Another way to decorate your walls is to hang a simple corkboard. You will not only be able to use if for putting photos with loved ones and essential notes, but you will also have a chance to store your jewelry. Finally, you will see how many necklaces and earrings you have! 


If you don't want to show your 'treasures' to other people, attach a corkboard on the inside of the wardrobe doors. It will help you to keep a clean and minimalistic look of your student room. 


Add some greenery 


If you want to bring some life to your bedroom, consider adding some plants. It will not only make your room look cozier, but it will also help you to relieve stress and anxiety and improve the quality of air in your room. 


According to the latest study, plants improve general concentration and productivity; it will be easier to learn!


You will only have to think about what to do with them once you go to your parents' house during the summer. 


Organize your desk


You will spend long hours studying and working at your desk, so make sure it's nice and clean. 


Your desk should be a creative hub! Consider sprucing up the area with plants, photos, and colorful lanterns. 


Nonetheless, if you want to be able to concentrate faster, stop keeping all your stuff on the desk. Leave just necessary things like a notebook and a pen. 


Get more storage space 


Most student rooms don't have enough storage space. If you have a lot of things, you should be creative to find where to put all of them. First of all, don't underestimate your small wardrobe. You can get more hangers for your T-shirt and skirts. Consider buying some boxes to store your jeans, boots, shoes, and accessories. 


These boxes can also be a part of your room design. If you can't afford to buy plastic or metal boxes, you can use cardboard boxes ( you can even paint them on your own). 


Besides boxes, you can also get door hooks, organizers, and storage hangers. 


The bottom line 


It is within your power to make your student room feel like home. First of all, invest in good bedding and decorate your walls with posters, fabrics and fairy lights. 


To make your room cozier, add some greenery and organize your desk. If you don't have enough space in your room, consider storing your things in cardboard boxes.


It's your space where you can restore your energy, so make an effort to create your perfect place!