Creative Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Modern Twist


We hear the term bandied about often, but what really is "modern" design? A modern style can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but there are shared concepts as well as strategies that are a common link in many modern designs. Things like basic or neutral colors, geometrical shapes, very little or no decorative flourishes, as well as natural materials can give your home a modern look that has become so popular. This is especially true when it comes to your bathroom. Making your bathroom feel "modern" can be done a number of different ways and leave it feeling like a totally new bathroom.


Turn your bathroom into a modern sanctuary with a few of these tips.

Inject some simplicity

What is also known as "rustic" can also be something simple. Something that features a handcrafted look with modern construction for durability can fit into any bathroom. Things like rustic vanities can really give your bathroom the pop that it needs while still maintaining the overall modern aesthetic.



You don't even have to change the furniture around to inject a little bit of modern into the bathroom. Change the wall colors to something like a neutral gray. Then maybe add a natural backsplash, something like a stone, to really make the bathroom pop. The key to this design is to limit the amount of decorations that you have. Maybe a few fresh flowers in one portion of the room since it can inject a bit of freshness into the room as well as a much needed pop of color that will not disrupt the overall natural look of the room.

Warm things up

Many bathrooms these days have a bit of a sterile, cold look that can make it feel like a hospital room rather than a getaway where you care for and pamper your body. Injecting a bit of warmth into the room can really do wonders making bright it up and it feel more welcoming. When you warm up the space, it becomes a more inviting and welcoming and you will find reasons to get into the bathroom to appreciate the aesthetic. There is still a focus on those geometric shapes that make for a modern design motif and the minimal decorations are still in play here as well. You can make the bathroom feel warmer with a simple change to the color scheme as well as adding a bit of stone or wood to your modern features.

Go ultra-modern

Of course, if you are trying to go for a modern look, you could go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and go for an ultra-modern look that looks nearly futuristic. A bathroom like this features a lot of glass, up to and including a floor to wall window, a clear glass shower, and even a transparent tub that nearly blends into the room.



The idea behind this kind of bathroom is that it has a minimal footprint. The room is meant to be the focal point itself and each element that is added to the room is meant to have a purpose and occupy as little space as it can. This is true both literally and aesthetically. If you can give the appearance of the fixtures blending in -- like the clear tub -- it can make the room feel bigger than ever.

Add a touch of luxury

Keeping with the modern design aesthetic, luxurious bathrooms will tend to have something like marble for countertops or floors and very little filling of space with decorative aspects. The modern look is about minimal space occupation and this is no different.



Where you can really change up the look of the room is by adding a splash of luxury to things like the fixtures or the few design pieces that you implement into the bathroom. A golden faucet or handles can really stand in contrast to the more rigid, modern feel of the walls and countertops. Wherever you can make the bathroom feel more welcoming and impressive, you should take those steps. When you can add a splash of luxury to your bathroom, it will make it feel like you are staying in a luxury hotel with a world-class suite. There are few things more welcoming than that.

Get dark

While it is traditionally more common to see a lot of white and lighter colors in bathroom design motifs, don't be afraid to go dark. Darker colors have become more commonplace in modern designs and can act as a nice contrast to those lighter designs. This can really be pulled off when mixed with white sinks or a white tub as well as silver or lighter gray fixtures. Even adding a piece of wooden furniture can not only make that piece of furniture pop, but will complement and accentuate the rest of the bathroom, completely pulling the room together.


If you can, mix up dark grays, blacks (like charcoal) and even some navy or dark brown to give your floors and walls the feeling of a pop of color while not straying away from the darker design motif. This will help keep your bathroom from feeling overwhelmed with those darker colors, instead playing off of the complementary pieces that you have set up throughout the room.



Giving your bathroom a modern look that has become so popular is far easier than you might think. It does not take a full overhaul; you can change things up like the backsplash or implement a complementary piece of furniture to really change the overall look of the room. Changing your bathroom to a modern feel is all about simplicity and geometric shapes, giving you many different options to find the most modern design for your bathroom that best suits your design needs.


Keep in mind: bigger changes are difficult to undo or change again in a short amount of time and will likely cost a good deal. When you feel like making a change, shift around or swap out complementary pieces to see how they fit in. At most, change out the back splash to give the walls a different look and provide a pop to the room to improve the overall look.