Curtain Raiser On How To Make Your Drapes Look Wow!

Just as a diva won’t look half as glam in clothes that don’t fit, your rooms too would look less than smart in badly hung curtains, no matter how luxurious the fabric.

When you hang your curtains right, your room gets an instant upgrade. Once you get the hang of it (pun intended), curtains can make your room’s ceiling look higher, and make the room itself look better-dressed, more spacious and swankier. So read on for tips to hang your curtains like a pro.

Curtain Raiser On How To Make Your Drapes Look Wow!

  • Skimpy is for supermodels not super curtains

Don’t be stingy on fabric. Your drapes need to give your windows complete coverage and should have enough fabric for a full gather. To achieve this, experts recommend at least 2x fullness factor for drapery width. What does that mean? In simple terms, if your curtain pole measures 36 inches, buy panels that have been stitched with at least 72 inches of fabric width.  If you’re getting custom curtains stitched, be sure to ask what fullness factor will be used for your drapery width.  Anything less than 2x factor is a look killer.


  • Maxi is better than mini

Not just width, your curtain should ideally be generous in length too. Unless the wall space under a window is barred by a heating radiator or a piece of furniture, go for full length curtains. Think floor grazers, kissers, sweepers or even ‘puddlers’ to make your space look luxe.


Curtain Raiser On How To Make Your Drapes Look Wow!

  • Taller looks better than shorter

Avoid installing your drapery poles/tracks too close to the window frame as it makes the ceilings appear lower. Instead, mount them at least four to six inches above the window frame — or even as high as 12 inches – to create an illusion of a taller window. If your windows need extra long curtains, look into buying your own fabric and getting your curtains hand-stitched, rather than compromising with fixed lengths of ready made curtain panels.   

Curtain Raiser On How To Make Your Drapes Look Wow!

  • Let the pole extend

Extending the pole a few inches beyond the frame on each side makes a window feel grander and allows extra light to stream in when the curtains are open. The extra pole width allows the fabric to gather against the wall without blocking the window. Extend anywhere from 6 to 20 inches on either side depending on panel width and how much stacking room they need.  


  • Tame the flare

New curtains tend to flare at bottom and can take time to fall into straight and shapely pleats. Give your curtains a helping hand by training the pleats. Start by folding your drapes with hands along the pleats moving from top to bottom. Tie along the length loosely at 3-4 places with ribbon lengths. Leave for 2 weeks. Untie to reveal perfect pleats! You can also steam your curtains for faster pleat setting.

Curtain Raiser On How To Make Your Drapes Look Wow!

  • Turn the return

A “drapery return” is the measurement from the wall to where the curtain hangs off of the rod. Imagine yourself standing looking to the side of the curtain and being able to see several inches of space between the curtains and the window. Not only is the gaping space unattractive, it makes your drapery less effective at blocking out light. To handle drapery returns, we recommend our tried and tested hook-eye method. All you need is a hook and eye installed on the sides of the curtain wall underneath your drapery rod/pole. It should be screwed in where the last pleat hook is. 

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  • Keep things steamed up!

Finally, once your drapery is hanging and trained, give it a quick once-over with a steamer. Wrinkles out, polish in!


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