Well, make no mistake and don’t be fooled by the title. It’s not about constructing your own bedside table from scratch. It’s actually about proposing and suggesting new types of stuff that could be used as a bedside table with little or no alterations. So, let’s start with each and every idea separately examining its prospects, use and possible adjustments. It is goes without saying that such a guide is not a panacea and buying a new bedside table may be a more expensive choice, but it is more a more value-for-money one. Anyways, bedside tables by is still the best available option when it comes to purchasing new ones or if you are after something really elegant with regard to furniture.


And then it comes that embarrassing moment. The second you realize that your brand-new flat just doesn’t have enough space for two regular-size bedside tables. Please don’t get disappointed. It happens all the time. Here are some solutions. If there is room for just one bedside table, you can place a narrow, but tall bookcase instead. Make sure though that it’s not a typical bookcase. That is, it has to look like separate shelves screwed upon the wall. Don’t forget to make it high as it may be pretty contracted otherwise. In terms of shade unless you want to make it stand out, just paint it as the bed’s color. If you are about to give your master bedroom a rather antique style but at the same time space isn’t in favor of such a move, you don’t have to worry. You can have a traditional bucket hanging from the wall to place your favorite midnight book. We’re talking here about the containers used in most Greek villages for instance, to collect drinkable water off the wells. No matter what the style of the rest of the home is, you can always give a more personal touch to your bedroom. To cheer you up furthermore, whether or not you can spot a vessel to fit your place, you can always just attach a ridge in preference to a typical bedside table. Design it and assign the rest of the job to a local carpenter. That’s what I would do in such an occasion after all.



When you’ve got plenty of availability in terms of space then the range of choices expands dramatically as you might have already thought. To begin with, all you need is imagination and an open mind. For example, you can stack hard travel suitcases so as to make your perfect bedside table. Pile as many as needed to match your bed’s height and make your life easier. At the top of the suitcases put an old box for extra style, practicality and solidity. Rather than such a scheme, you could have a barrel to do the job! Yeah, you’ve read it just fine. It’s round, spacious and steady. It’s what you need unless you’re looking forward to storing all those endless pairs of socks you’ve purchased recently. Last but not least, a vintage refurbished traditional wooden chair will be more than enough in some cases. Besides, what’s more beautiful than a vase of flowers and a book on it? Nothing! More specifically, it suits perfect cottage-style dwellings. Think about it!