DIY Home Decor Ideas for New Homeowners

After moving into your new house, the first thing you’d probably do is to change its looks to your liking. If you’re not keen on renovation projects just yet, you could consider DIY home décor in the meantime. They’re easy to do on your own, affordable, and can really improve the look and feel of your home when done right. You can have a theme to follow for your designs or find inspiration online.

Of course, you can just let others do it. You can hire a contractor to build you anything you want. However, the problem arises when there’s a conflict over payment. Read more about this from Procore and see how easy it is to have your construction budget busted. The contractor won’t finish the pending work, and the decorations you want won’t be completed.

The following list includes some of the best DIY décor ideas that you can do on your own and won’t take too much of your time and money.

Adding more storage for less effort

A good example of a home décor project that you could do on your own is adding more storage without needing to knock down walls and build more dressers. Adding on shelves would usually take more effort, and definitely clutter your wall, making a room or space in your home feel smaller. The solution for this is DIY pegboards. Yup—large boards with holes to accommodate pegs will be installed in your walls. The way you configure the pegs would depend on your needs. Still, you’ll gain more space for various objects like vases, plants, frames, and many more. This is a customizable solution that allows you to store a variety of things on your wall, regardless of the size or shape. You can choose to hang art, add shelves, store your bags and purses, or just fill your room with anything you fancy.

To install, you just need to drill and screw it in place. The holes for the pegs all depend on how you want the pegboards to look and what you intend to store in them. You can even leave them bare for a unique, warm accent to your walls.

Re-ordering your furniture is another way to earn you more room for storage. Put these smart tips to work when moving in or re-purposing furniture.

Open shelving for your kitchen

If you need a place to display your dinnerware but is also accessible for when you want to use them, open shelving is perfect for you.

But you don’t need to buy or get one installed by a professional. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can build your own open shelving storage using a DIY A-frame ladder. These shelves look unique, but are definitely useful, not to mention—easy to assemble. You can start from scratch and even build the A-frame ladder yourself. You could also re-purpose an old ladder lying around or buy one that’s already at the end of its life cycle.

Depending on the size of the shelf you’re planning to build, you’ll need at least two A-frame ladders as your base. Use boards cut to the width of your ladder for the shelf. You can tie them in place or drilled and bolted for a more secure hold. Feel free to add more shelves as needed. This means more space to store your things, and more room to add decorations that could draw the attention of the visitors away from the fact that you’re using old ladders for shelves.

Organized spice rack using a shower caddy

If you like to cook, you’d probably have multiple spice bottles and jars lying around. Storing and organizing them can be tricky, as they can be buried deep inside your cupboard and easily forgotten. You can also magnetize them for easy stick-on storage, but it can be expensive and not really a DIY project for everyone. Believe it or not, this problem can be solved using a simple shower caddy.

Shower caddies have the perfect size and depth to keep shampoo bottles, soap, and other shower implements contained. That’s why they’re also perfect for keeping jars and bottles of your favorite herbs and spices neatly stored behind your cupboard or pantry door. This is an easy DIY room décor because all you need is a hook to hang the shower caddy on, and you’re good to go. The suction cups that go with these caddies also work on most smooth-surfaced doors to keep everything in place.

Create a classy bookshelf using stair treads

Admit it, you find it hard to store your books even after you’re done reading them. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Because of that, many people are finding unique ways to store and display their book collections. Even if you don’t have a library, you can still showcase your hardcover and paperback books by building a bookshelf using stair treads. Why stair treads, you ask? Well, they’re an inexpensive DIY room décor that can replace the actual bookcase. The length and width of these treads are also perfect for multiple books.

You don’t need to modify the size of the treads, so all you need to do is paint them with the colors you like and mount them on the wall. You’ll need a bit of effort to install them, and probably some basic hand tools like a drill or a nail gun. Once you’re done, you can just prop all your books in there, along with other decorative ornaments like figurines, vases and more.

Build a rustic side table by re-purposing old shutters

If you want to add a rustic element to your home, consider adding a side table made from old wooden shutters. Not only are they unique looking, but they’re also environmentally friendly since you’re up-cycling old wood that someone could just throw away. A set of window shutters could easily be up cycled to make one table, so if you’re re-purposing from a whole house, you have plenty of materials to use.

Start by dismantling the shutters and make sure you have even heights and widths for the four sides of the table. Sand them down to remove the old paint and expose the wood below. You may choose to add a coat of paint or varnish or keep it as it is. Using a square board for the base and the top, you can nail or drill the sides together. You can add a custom-fit glass at the top or leave the wood board as is.