DIY Wedding Favors for Crafty Brides to Be

The time has come! Your wonderful and handsome fiance has proposed with a beautiful baguette diamond engagement ring that you can show off to the world! You’ve bought the dress, picked out the flowers, booked the reception, and invited all the guests! Now all you have to do is make sure your wedding attendees have a smashing time. It’s no small chunk of change to attend a wedding. To help you celebrate your magical day, guests often ecru travel expenses and buy you lovely gifts!  So how do you relay a huge ‘thank you’ to all your friends and family?...


Beautiful, tasteful wedding favors.


There’s just one problem… these tiny tokens of thanks can add up, costing major bucks. Solution? DIY your wedding favors for a personal, charming (and inexpensive) touch!


Mason Jars are Your Best Friend


It’s true. Mason jars are pretty much everything, and they can be used for so many adorable DIY favors. Fill them with special homemade sweets like cookies, coffee, or candy. Or if you’re a big fan of canning... fill them full of jam or preserves and coordinate accents to match your wedding colors. You can even purchase mason jars with custom, vintage-inspired labels. Use swing-top styles and fill them with your own luxurious, DIY bath salts. The possibilities are seemingly gorgeous and endless. And sustainability wise, mason jars have a great reusability factor. They’re practical, vintage-chic, and inexpensive.


Herbs, Spices, and Everything Nice


Your guests have watched you and your partner grow in love. In return, give them a beautiful plant to enjoy and nurture! Tomato plants, herbs like rosemary and sage, and even garden flowers make wonderful gifts. Guests can plant them, use them for cooking, and reap the rewards year after year. It’s a living reminder of your special day and a practical present! For those without a green thumb, succulents are beautiful and hard to kill!


If you dig the idea of a rustic present but don’t love the idea of gifting garden plants, consider making a homemade bird seed feeder. The internet is full of tons of cute DIY designs.


The Little Things


Gifts don’t have to be elaborate to be heartfelt. Consider sending attendees home with one of the following tiny but creative gifts:


  • a box of matches
  • the contents of your favorite homemade soup
  • DIY soap
  • a delicate holiday ornament
  • homemade bubbles in an antique glass jar
  • a travel survival kit
  • a tye dyed piece of clothing
  • a hand-decorated photo frame
  • handcrafted jewelry


Keep in mind that in the midst of all the excitement and merry making, some guests will forget their favors. Don’t take it too personally, and don’t spend so much that you’ll feel heartbroken if you some of your gifts are left behind. The most important thing is that your favors reflect your personal style, the theme of the wedding, and your price point. For example, if you’re pulling out all the stops in order to have an over-the-top, expensive wedding, skimping on favors is inadvisable. However, if your whole wedding has a homemade and intimate feel, there’s no need to throw a spa party! The good news is, regardless of budget, one of these ideas will make the perfect favor for your big day.