Daytime vs Nighttime Skincare Routine

We all have an internal cycle known as circadian rhythm, it’s sort of a body clock that runs for 24 hours. During the day, our skin fights off pollution and UV lights while neutralizing unstable molecules. At night, our skin goes into cellular repair, detox mode, and DNA repair. To maximize our skin care, fight the signs of aging and have healthy glowing skin, it is essential to follow a day and night skin care routine. Here’s how:


The day


Start the day with gently cleansing your face. Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type- whether that’s dry, oil, normal, sensitive, or combination skin. In case of sensitive skin, it is important to use cleanser which does not contain alcohol, sodium laureate sulphate (SLS), witch hazel, artificial fragrances, urea etc.


Choose cleansers with natural and mild ingredients like aloe, glycerin, or collagen. After washing your face, use a nice moisturizer or serum as they prevent breakouts and dullness that come from dirt or pollution. Be sure to apply sunscreen as well. Some moisturizers have sunscreen in them but if not you can simply mix the two in the palm of your hand so that your regular moisturizer can also help protect you from harmful UV rays. 


To avoid puffiness and dark circles in case of unsound sleep or exhaustion, add /skin regimen/ eye lift cream to your routine


If you wear makeup every day be sure to invest in good quality makeups that contains organic and skin-friendly ingredients like retinoids, collagen, and vitamins. Never use products with parabens and sulfates. 


Skin care does not only end at using the right products; your eating habits, stress level, and schedule has a profound impact on how your skin looks and feels. Check out these essential skin care tips to take good care of yourself.


The night


Having a routine at night can be just as beneficial to a morning routine. It can trigger your mind and body to slow down, relax and wind down for sleep.


A nighttime skin care routine can be relaxing. To remove makeup and dirt buildup, carefully wipe your face with micellar water. The next step is to cleanse your face with a gentle face wash. Dab your face dry with a towel. The skin on your face, especially around the eyes is delicate. After drying, use a nice toner. A toner sloughs off dead cells and refines pores, which keep your skin clean and resilient.


Top it all off with a moisturizer to keep your skin balanced. Artificial heat and air can dry the skin out, and so a moisturizer will protect your skin and keep it supple throughout the night. This is especially important in cooler months when the heat is running.


Here are some skin care tips by dermatologists that are easily adjustable in your skin care routine. Remember to test new products on a small patch of skin (the inside of your wrist will do) before fully applying new products to your face. This will help determine if your skin tolerates the new product before you fully commit.

Keep in mind that when starting a new product your skin may also “purge”. If your skin breaks out after the initial use of a product, it may be a sign that your skin is trying to detoxify. Simply take a step back. Remove that product from your regimen and give your skin a break. Once your skin has cleared you may want to give the product a second try. Of course, don’t keep using a product if you experience adverse symptoms. Here are some other great tips to consider when trying a new product.


Following a step by step day and night skin care routine will keep your skin fresh, prevent breakouts and infections, and give you the glow you need every day to look your absolute best.