Design Your Luxury Kitchen: Tips, Tricks and Practices


A luxury kitchen design requires tender and care - learn how to make it stand out with tips, tricks, and practices! We've outlined everything you need to know!


Designing a kitchen requires a lot of attention to the small details. A kitchen is the center of a home. It's where family gatherings take place, where family meals are cooked, and where quality time is spent. 

If a home's kitchen isn't well cared for, then the entire home can feel like something's missing. We know this to be true because the kitchen is one of the biggest selling points of a home but could also be the reason for buyers to turn away. 

Having a luxury kitchen design is ideal for any home, it's even ideal for more laid back homes as well. If you're ready to design a kitchen, then you'll want to have a few luxury design ideas in mind. Even if you can't incorporate these exact ideas into your design, be sure to use them as inspiration!

Ready to get started?

Continue reading below for several tips, tricks, and ideas for designing a kitchen with luxury in mind!

1. Marble Everything 

Marble is a sure way to turn any kitchen into a luxurious atmosphere. Installing marble countertops is the most well-known way to add marble features into a kitchen. To make it even more luxurious, though, find more ways to use marble in the space.

The more marble your kitchen has, the more luxurious it'll feel. Try not only installing marble countertops but large marble tile on the floors and a marble accent wall. You can even consider placing an all-marble kitchen island with marble cabinets underneath it as well. 

Consider how a white and light grey marble pattern would look in your design with accents of green throughout the rest of the kitchen.

2. Retractable Patio Doors

A good amount of natural light is essential for kitchens. The more natural light that you can bring into your kitchen, the larger and cleaner it'll feel. One way to truly open up the space and bring in a large amount of natural lighting is to install retractable patio doors. 

Create your kitchen design to include a patio right outside of it. Rather than having french doors or another type of door leading out to the patio, have large glass patio doors that can open fully. 

When the doors are fully retractable, it opens your kitchen up to the patio and creates an indoor/outdoor kitchen. This is also a great way to make the kitchen feel larger, even when the doors are shut. 

3. Complete Functionality 

A functional kitchen is a luxurious kitchen. If you want to design a luxurious kitchen, then you need to keep functionality in mind. It doesn't matter how big or small or kitchen is or what shape it has. 

What matters most is that it's functional in all ways that a kitchen should be. Even the tiniest of kitchens can be seen as luxurious if the functionality is always placed into the design. The refrigerator, the sink, and the stove should form a triangle shape, which makes getting things done in the kitchen much easier. 

You can find more tips on kitchen functionality by visiting this article from DZINE!

4. Optimal Storage Options

Everyone knows that the more storage options a kitchen has, the better. Pots and pans aren't the only things that need a hidden away home inside the kitchen. Utensils, spices, appliances, and pantry items all need a place to go as well. 

To keep a kitchen crisp and clean, there needs to be a specific place for all of these specific things. This will make the homeowner feel at ease when looking for an item and when trying to tidy up. To create a luxurious kitchen, include optimal storage options. 

Find clever ways to add storage without taking up space. For example, you can install a spice rack over the sink to the side. You can also install cabinets that reach the ceiling rather than leaving a gap between the ceiling and the top of them. 

5. Ample Lighting 

Natural lighting is important but the light provided by light fixtures is just as important. Natural light doesn't always give you that bright light you need when trying to read a recipe, and if you're in the kitchen during the evening time, then you can't rely on natural light at all. 

The more artificial lighting you include in your design, the better. To keep it luxurious, consider installing modern chandeliers over your kitchen island. Install pendant lighting underneath your high cabinets for task lighting. 

You can also install rope lights around different perimeters within the kitchen, such as under your ground cabinets and on top of or around your high cabinets. 

6. Art and Other Decor Pieces

Too often than not, kitchens lack art and other decor items. Don't hold back from hanging up some of your favorite art pieces inside your kitchen. You don't have to go all out with it either.

Choose one wall in the kitchen and dedicate that wall to art. Your art wall can include one large painting or it can be a gallery wall with several different black and white family pictures. Find something that stands out to you and something that matches the luxurious feel you're going for and be sure to display it proudly!

What'll Be Included in Your Luxury Kitchen Design? 

Which of these ideas will you include in your luxury kitchen design? Include one or include them all,!

And if you're unable to incorporate any of these specific ideas into your design then allow yourself to be inspired!

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