Design and Renovation Ideas for Your Home's Exterior

One of the first things that people notice about your home is its exterior. No matter how great your interior is, every few years or so you need to invest in renovation and design ideas for your home’s exterior in order to keep it looking new, fresh, and up to your standards. When thinking about a home’s value, too, the exterior building and its appeal have a huge impact on the value of your home, as it has the power to be eye-catching or to put a viewer off entirely. Here are a few design and renovation ideas for your home’s exterior. 


New Roof 

Having a new roof over your head is a way of ensuring your safety, as well as increasing your property’s value. Across Indiana, USA, the latest trend when it comes to home exterior renovation is to install metal roofing. A roofing contractor in Fort Wayne, Indiana, isn’t just one that follows the trends though, but is one that issues the utmost value and efficiency to your new roof. With a lifetime warranty, it’s not only a great investment, but also a great precaution to take and encourage you to get your roofing checked on a regular basis. Having a new roof will make your home’s exterior look new, clean, and a whole lot safer. 



Your curb appeal can make a huge difference to your home’s exterior. Changing it up from the shabby bushes you had growing and making it into a green lawn with trees and flowers is a great idea to really add a positive appeal to your home’s exterior. You can even design the landscape itself with a pathway running through the garden, make a basketball court for the kids, or even add a bird’s fountain or stream to add more emphasis. Once you know what budget you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to make the necessary changes and add the design that suits your budget, while making the most difference to your home’s exterior. 



While painting the exterior of your home is the most inexpensive option you can resort to, there are different materials you can opt for when it comes to the siding which have a much better result and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Siding can increase your home’s value immensely and completely transform your place’s appearance, making you feel like you bought a new, modern looking home. While brick is the most expensive and durable material to use in your home’s exterior, you can get the same look and feel by adding a brick vinyl which will be a lot cheaper. There are various factors to consider when choosing the exterior materials for your home, such as aesthetics, durability, maintenance, and costs. Once you’re aware of all the criteria you should be comparing between, you’ll be able to find a siding material that suits your home, as well as your needs, best. 


Adding a Porch 

One extravagant difference you can make to your house’s exterior is adding a porch. It is not only an extra place to use on sunny days and good weather, but it also makes your home feel more welcoming and inviting. With a front porch, you’re able to transfer the feeling of your interior home to your exterior by your choice of furniture, decorations, and accessories, giving your home more value and intimacy. 


Renovate Your Garage and Driveway 

Another way to add more value to your home is by renovating the areas that aren’t used as often and really transforming them into something appealing and pretty. Adding a resin driveway is not only more attractive in terms of design, but is also more practical and durable. You can also change the siding of your driveway, choose a more expensive option due to its small size, or even decide to get more creative and artistic with the materials and designs. If you feel that the garage is no longer used, you can think about transforming it into a guest house, a greenhouse for your plants, or even an excellent place for your kids to play making it more valuable to your home. 


There are countless ideas that you can do to change up your home’s exterior and come up with new designs. However, it all depends on the budget you have and the necessities you need. Always choose the safety options first, such as roofing and insulation, and then with whatever budget you have left see which renovating idea will make you feel happiest with your home’s exterior and opt for that.