Designing an All-Season Outdoor Dining Space

Designing an All-Season Outdoor Dining Space

Creating the perfect look for an outdoor dining set that lasts all year can be a bit daunting, especially when there is so much to choose from. What colors look bright in spring, but won’t fade in winter? What will give guests enough room to feel open and spacious in summer, but allow for warmth in winter? 

Luckily, interior design experts have already thought of these ideas and come up with some unique answers that can help take care of your concerns and help you building an outdoor dining space that is uniquely you and inviting for every season of the year.

Staying Dry

For protection from the elements blowing inside, the options are endless, but a recent trend since 2018 has been to create custom, or DIY, gazebos. This means you can customize your gazebo to your dining needs and make it from materials of your choice.

For winter months you can choose to add a layer of thick curtains to the gazebo. Choose a material that is thick and guaranteed warmth like thick blackout curtains. Many DIYers choose to enclose the gazebo in glass, helping keep it warm, open and inviting all year. 

If your outside dining area doesn’t support electricity, consider opting for portable heaters and fans if necessary, but make sure you do your research and keep them in safe and open areas for best use.

Managing Heat

A variety of heating structures can help keep your outdoor dining space warm by helping to create heat. Infrared heaters are the most popular choice on this front. Even though they are electric, these infrared heaters are built to resist rain and elements while building heat to keep all of your family and friends warm during the winter. 

However, you will need to have them near a plug into work. On the other side of the coin, portable fans can help keep the heat at bay during the summer, allowing you to enjoy the picturesque outdoors without worrying about sweat and bugs stealing your food while you enjoy your meal. 

Unlike wooden furniture, metal not only offers an easy to clean the surface but will also resist signs of aging. Metal dining sets will not splinter and rarely break unless under extreme pressure.

The Eating Place

Most gazebos and DIY structures that are seen on the market today are made of wood. While this creates a unique and cool outdoor look, wood is often not resistant to wear and tear from year-round weather conditions. It’s a good idea to consider where you’re eating when you create your outdoor dining set within your gazebo. 

The wooden dining area might look cool and cozy for winter, but it won’t hold up to the wear and tear of stains year-round. We suggest using a metal dining set when eating outside because it is not only resistant to the elements but will match any decor of your choosing and is easy to clean and maintain through every season.

The Decor

It might seem easy to consider buying outdoor decorations for every season, but what if you could cut down on the cost of decorating by buying options that are interchangeable throughout the year. Browns are common colors for deck and wooden gazebo spaces, but what if you could add a splash of color by adding a shade of blue. 

A simple shade, blue can brighten up springtime with a splash of color against the green of grass and trees, but still, feel warm and welcoming in winter. It’s no longer considered passé to use muted colors like grey either. 

Using a neutral tone like ebony grey can often brighten yellow and red colors in spring for a warm, airy glow and keep things cozy and balanced as fall and winter approaches. Consider adding a splash of grey to your deck and then dressing up décor in a mixture of colors to brighten up your space in any season.

Outdoor decor and design doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing. If you feel overwhelmed just remember the sky is the limit when it comes to design and style, but knowing the most helpful material to use is always a bonus when making decisions, especially if you plan to build your outdoor dining space by yourself. Wooden structures may look super cool for the outside, but don’t forget to take into consideration what happens on the inside as well when deciding your design style.