Destination Delivery of Luxury RVs Makes Camping Easy


There’s something about summer that initiates the call of the wild for families all across America. School’s out, corporate vacations begin and the open road beckons, bringing the possibility of adventure to explorers of all ages. But sometimes that road can be closed, or overly congested, making the desire to get out of town a little more trying as families set out for fun on the summertime trail.   

That’s why the folks at (, the premiere resource for Recreational Vehicle (RV) travelers, have designed the perfect solution to overcoming gridlock: Destination RV Delivery. Just choose the location that you want to visit, and chances are there is an RV rental company in the vicinity that will deliver a luxurious, fully equipped, mini–mansion on wheels directly to that spot, all set up and ready for your arrival. 

It’s called glamour camping, or glamping for short, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among families who want to make the most out of their vacation time together.

“Quite a lot of our customers use our RV delivery service, especially in the summertime,” said Samantha Elliot, office manager at San Diego Ultimate RV rentals ( . “Most of them are coming from across California, Nevada or Arizona, and they prefer to fly or drive in and have an RV all set up for them when they arrive.”

The luxurious RVs feature all the amenities of a well–appointed home, including gourmet kitchens, stoves, ovens and microwaves, washers and dryers, big–screen televisions, fireplaces and plush, comfortable furniture. Renters can purchase kitchen utensils, bed linens and towels to come with the delivery or bring their own to enhance that home–away–from–home comfort and familiarity.

Of course, the beauty of RV vacations is that you can go just about anywhere you want, exploring the many state and national parks across the nation, while spending quality time with the family in the comfort of your own home on wheels. RVs have the space to accommodate gear for activities of all kinds, like biking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, off–road toys, and can be easily rigged for handicap accessibility, making them perfect for cross–generational family vacations. Even the family dog is welcome to come along when you are vacationing in an RV.

Available in all shapes and sizes, RVs can be the type that you tow behind your truck or SUV, or you can go with a model that is motorized and driven from within the well–appointed cab. Tent campers offer the unique feeling of camping outdoors, yet with an RV–base that provides a kitchen area as well as sleeping bunks. Many RVs come with trailer hitches to bring along a car for extra–curricular excursions, and there’s always room for bikes, scooters, surfboards and barbecues stored on the back or in below floor cargo areas. Outdoor showers are popular for hosing off kids after a day at the beach and most RVs offer retractable awnings to offer shady areas for families to relax out of the sun. 

There are even more permanent RVs that can be parked for a full season to provide a more cabin–like experience. The beauty of destination delivery is that it takes all the work out of the driving, parking, set-up and take down that is typical of traditional RV travel. By leaving the rough stuff to the RV pros, all you need to do is show up, settle in and start relaxing. Fun is the name of the game when it comes to RV travel.     

One of the more popular RV delivery destinations in the San Diego area visitors is Campland on the Bay (, which offers a full variety of RV and tent camping sites along the tranquil Mission Bay. With a scenic, wooded dog park, several swimming pools and spas, a fitness center, marina with boat rentals, concert stage featuring free weekly “cover band” concerts throughout the summer, an amphitheater and many other vacation–oriented activities, Campland is a popular family friendly destination that draws families back year after year, according to Sally Romoser, Campland’s marketing chief.

“We have so much to do here that many guests don’t even leave the campground,” she said. “Many people tell me that they have become best friends with people they met here and book together year after year.”

And for a more VIP experience, Campland offers a special luxury “SuperSite”—a penthouse suite for RVers—that is completely enclosed by a privacy fence and features a Jacuzzi, sand beach, fire ring, chairs, barbecue and washer/dryer, all with a spectacular view of Mission Bay and the San Diego skyline. On summer nights, the SuperSite offers a perfect view of the nightly fireworks display at SeaWorld, just across the bay. Birds, fish and other wildlife frolic in your backyard as you sip cocktails or your morning coffee in the privacy of Campland’s SuperSite.

The SuperSite is very popular among all Campland guests because it offers a luxurious glamping experience unlike anything else you’ll find at typical RV campgrounds.

“Our SuperSite is so popular that I wish we had more than just one to rent out,” said Kim McAnally, Campland’s reservation and registration manager. “Some campers will pack up and move into the SuperSite for just one night when it is available because it’s such a unique experience.” 

Whether you decide to trek the open road in your RV or choose destination delivery, it’s a good idea to shape–up on your RV knowledge. Just as there are many camping options to choose from, there are a variety of RVs available to fit whatever needs a family may have.

RV Types

Type A – Conventional motorhomes are constructed entirely on a specially designed motor vehicle chassis. Home–like amenities abound and generally these motorhomes have kitchens, bathrooms, living areas with entertainment centers and centrally controlled heating and air conditioning.

Type B – Commonly called van campers, Type B motorhomes are built using automotive manufactured van or panel–truck shells. Van campers drive more like the family car, but offer the comforts and conveniences of home on the road.

Type C – Motorhomes built on an automotive van frame with a wider body section attached to the original cab section. Many Type C motorhomes are easily recognizable by the over–the–cab area that is often an optional sleeping area. Amenities are similar to those in conventional motorhomes.

Towable – Towable RVs must be mounted on or towed by a motorized vehicle to be moved from place to place. Some towables are small and light enough to be towed by the family car, while others require an SUV or pickup truck. Some examples include: Conventional Travel Trailers; Fifth Wheel Trailers; Expandable RVs; Sport Utility RVs; Folding Camper trailers; Truck Campers.

Specialty RVs – Designed to complement a wide variety of lifestyles and needs, from hobbies to accessibility challenges, RVs can meet a wide range of needs and wants. Examples: Horse Trailers, Ice Fishing houses and RVs for the disabled.

Park Model RVs – Unique units that provide temporary accommodations for recreation, camping or seasonal use. Park Model RVs are designed to look like a home, but they need to be hooked up to site electricity, sewer and water like any RV.

With summer vacation time approaching, perhaps it’s time to think outside of the hotel box and roll into a holiday on wheels.