Distroller Wərld Creates ‘Out-of-this-World’ Shopping Experience

As you walk into Distroller Wərld in Fashion Valley, you’ll be transported by electrifying colors and bold, vibrant designs. Distroller epitomizes the new era of shopping - creating unique experiences, not just selling products. Retail entertainment, also known as “retail-tainment,” is becoming a mainstay in today’s real world shopping market.


Dating back to 2004, Distroller launched their first retail entertainment concept in Mexico City. Soon after, Distroller was a spash success and opened 60 stores in Latin America in 10 years. In 2017, Distroller opened its first U.S. store – right here in San Diego in Fashion Valley.


In addition to the ‘out-of-this-world’ retail experience, Distroller’s main product is the Neonate Babies. Parents and children ‘adopt’ a Neonate Baby from a special planet called Neonatopia with the help of Distroller character, Nurse Tania. Each Neonate Baby is delivered in a special space capsule that travels through the store into the waiting arms of an excited child. Once the Neonate Baby arrives to ‘planet Earth,’ it’s given an APGAR test along with follow-up care instructions before it’s sent home with its new Neo-parent.


Distroller Wərld houses other brands, including Chiquity Boom Town featuring characters called Alushhhes - fairies, wizards, elves and trolls. The Alushhhes are mischievous creatures that have come to the human world with a mission: to promote good vibe-ness amongst all. In contrast to the Neonate Babies adoption experience, children and parents are ‘matched’ with their Alushhhe via a matchmaking process that includes a brief questionnaire to capture essential information like, “Do you like candy?”


Recently, Distroller introduced its newest brand, Chamoy & Amiguis, designed to bring together diversity, acceptance, creativity and imagination to make everyday extraordinary. Whether you’re checking out the new brand, looking to become a ‘Neo-parent,’ or get lost in Chiquity Boom Town, Distroller re-instills the values of play, imagination and human connection all while creating a great experience and positive values.


Distroller Wərld is located in Fashion Valley at 7007 Friars Road, Rm 732, San Diego, CA 92108. For more information, visit www.DistrollerUSA.com.