Dive into Summer with Some Coronado Fun

Coronado Island: the “Emerald City” of San Diego!

The bridge to Coronado Island

Photo by Choice Hotels

The Summer is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to take a break from our busy schedules and enjoy that San Diego sunshine. Whether it be kayaking in the San Diego Bay or biking along the coast of the beach, the little city of Coronado is flooded with things to do.

If you’re a dog owner, like me, then a trip to the Coronado Dog Beach is an absolute must. The expansive landscape gives your pup enough space to run around and completely stretch out his/her legs. Plus, the cold, refreshing water is an added benefit to help your dog cool off during those hot summer days. The dog beach is located right next to Coronado Beach and includes views of Hotel del Coronado. Avid book readers will be glad to know that there is a “LittleFreeLibrary” right before the entrance of the Coronado Beach--be sure to return the book prior to leaving! If you're concerned with sand getting everywhere after a day at the dog beach, have no fear! There is a convenient dog-washing station right at the entrance. Besides the relaxing Coronado beaches, this “Emerald City” has many noteworthy and delicious restaurants to visit.

One notable place? Leroy’s Kitchen and Lounge. This fresh, local, farm-to-table restaurant specializes in eclectic cuisine that changes with the season to provide diverse flavors year round, though they have their year-round staples. One such staple is the Bavarian pretzel. This heavenly appetizer is served with mustard and beer cheese--it’s impeccably satisfying to eat with a refreshing cocktail or cold beer. Other delectable items include the poke tacos, truffle fries, and their mac 'n' cheese.

Afterwards, grab some dessert right next door at the MooTime Creamery. This local, well-known creamery has been praised for its premium hand-crafted ice cream, fro-yo, and sorbet since it opened its doors in 1998. It frequently has a line out the door, so expect a slight wait. Don’t feel too guilty about the little sweet treat; you can always burn off the extra calories with a nice bike or kayak ride around Coronado Tidelands Park.

This stunning park on Mullinex Dr. overlooks the Glorietta Bay and is a perfect place for a family outing on the weekend. It includes views of the Coronado Bridge, and it has playground structures to amuse the children. The wide-open grass is shadowed with tall trees that enhance the scenic ambiance and instantaneously puts you at ease. The park’s beauty aids in making a morning workout not that dreadful and could also serve as a quaint post-workout picnic spot. With designated bike paths available, there is no need to worry about dodging other pedestrians. The park is also scattered with artistic sculptures that reflect the charm and beauty of Coronado. 

If you’re more interested in the history and art scene, then head over to the Coronado Historical Association's Museum of History and Art. This small museum exhibits a mixture of local historical novelty, especially vintage navy memorabilia, as well as a few artistic displays. With just a $5 entrance fee, this humble museum is suited for historical enthusiasts or people interested in the background of Coronado.

A block or two down from the museum resides Wine A Bit Coronado. This winery is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine or to partake in a wine tasting paired with some elegant cheese and crackers. They also host over twenty craft beers and offer a variety of small bites and flatbreads. The friendly and knowledgeable staff combined with their broad selection of wine will encourage you to come back or even join their wine club! After a few glasses of wine, walk a block or two down to the Lamb’s Players Theatre. 

This boutique theatre company is located in the historic Spreckels Building and is a leading non-profit performing arts organization. It features an intimate theatre setting with seating for 350 guests in a European-style amphitheater. If you choose to drive, parking is available for a fee in the enclosed parking garage under the Coronado Plaza, but it’ll run between $24-$35. However, after you park, vouchers are available for purchase at the Lamb’s Box office for only $10, and the voucher may be used as payment upon exiting. There is also free street parking 6pm or all day on Sunday. The theatre’s mission is to “tell good stories” with narratives that probe and question the values or choices of contemporary life. Whatever, the production may be, it will certainly include a combination of critical thinking and creativity. 

With a wide range of activities this charismatic city has to offer, it’s hard not to find something fun to do. Enjoy the weekend by visiting Coronado’s relaxing beaches or kayaking in the beautiful blue water. The panoramic views, detailed architecture, and laid-back beach ambiance reinforces why this city is so popular with locals and tourists alike. Be sure to enjoy the divine cuisine from a multitude of restaurants and wineries or be entertained with a play at the Lamb’s Players Theatre. Whatever your choosing, Coronado always ensures a pleasant visit.