Do It Yourself: Play Area Ideas for your Backyard

If you want to build a play area for your kids but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry at all! Because for you, we have brought together some amazing and easy to make DIY play place ideas. We hope that by following these easy procedures, you will be able to create a fantastic playing area for your kids in your own backyard or garden.

Adding creative playing spots in your backyard are sure to keep your kids entertained when they are at home. Having a playing area at home is very important as it isn’t always possible to take kids outdoors. Below we are describing some very inexpensive, convenient, engaging, and entertaining features that can quickly turn your backyard into an enchanting play area.

DIY Sandbox:

Sandboxes are always favorite playing place of kids, particularly toddlers and small kids. If you have room in your backyard or garden, you can easily construct a sand area. All you need is an old unused bookcase which you can convert into the sandbox. Building one is simple, just brightly paint each compartment of the bookcase with unique and bright colors. After painting it, fill it with sand, and place it in your backyard’s corner where you intend to make your kids’ play area

DIY Climbing wall:

Climbing walls are always perfect if you want to create something fun for the physical exertion of your kids. Climbing rock walls help kids in maintaining their balance. Moreover, climbing walls are also suitable for making your kids active physically. Your kids can not only play but also get some exercising while playing around. If you want you can easily build a climbing wall on your own in your backyard. You can use your fence or the back wall of your house for doing so. You just need to fix some Atomik screws on climbing holders to make it secure and safe for kids. If you’re a do it yourselfer but you need a little help rather than starting from scratch, most of these items are ready in pre-cut kit form at Kit Super Store.

DIY Old Tires Play area:

Another great idea is to make a construction site for your kids. If you have a son, he’ll probably love it because boys love to play with construction tools like dumpers, cranes, etc. If you want to make one, it is very easy to do so. All you need is some old tires and gravel. Mark the area you want to use as the construction site by fixing old used tires in the ground. Now spread a mixture of gravel and sand on the ground. Leave some toy cars in the area for your kids to play with and its all ready for use.

DIY Tire Swing:

Whenever we imagine the backyard play area, a tire swing is a must-have. You can easily make a tire swing on your own all you need is one old tractor tire. Paint the tire in any pattern you want attach chains to it and hang it from any tree in your backyard. Tire swings a great source of entertainment for kids of all ages.