Do you need a business school to start your own business?

Unfortunately, you cannot learn how to run a business successfully in any business school. But the stereotype that you cannot achieve much without being successful at school prevents many people even from trying. They who are not going to school for business feel like they have missed out something important by not going to school and attending classes, they might feel inferior to people with a degree. In fact, the only way to learn is by doing it and by gaining experience and learning from it, from experience of other successful businessmen who can be your mentors and help you to avoid some mistakes. There are some ways of how you can gain experience: either by apprenticeship, volunteer work, internship or though general work experience.


To start a business, you don’t need to have a degree and you can invest your tuition money into your start-up. Skills that are essential for a successful businessman are not always taught at school. Things such as the ability to sell and to convince people, work ethic, judgment, optimism, ability to develop your business are not learned in the classroom. On the other hand, it can depend on your background. If you do not have much knowledge, then probably business school might be a good idea to learn some background information and gain a solid foundation. Apart from facts and figures, students learn some soft skills at college such as prioritizing, time-management, emotional maturity, or how to stay a life-long learner. At school, students are usually forced to study some subjects chosen for them. Many students are not starting a business course. They are unmotivated to study and to complete home assignments because they think they will never use this knowledge in practice and it is just a waste of time and effort. You will not be an expert in every discipline but this knowledge will certainly help you to understand some business principles and how things work with marketing, management, sales, taxes, and laws. 

Find co-founders in the business school

As it was mentioned previously, you cannot be an expert in all domains and you cannot do all jobs yourself. You want to create some new audio software for cars but you lack some technical knowledge? There are people who specialize in certain domains and can do the job better than you. And it is absolutely ok. Your task is to find the right people and to unite them. At business school, there are diverse people who want to be entrepreneurs and you can select a co-founder or partners to collaborate with. Moreover, there you will be taught how to select a reliable partner and to create a harmonious and productive relationship with him or her and with your staff. Connections are vital for any business and you can start creating your network right at school.


Some schools offer entrepreneurship program which enables students to learn from successful business people. For instance, Aston school has a list of ventures they have created so students can look through it and connect with these companies for advice and support. 


Even if you can develop your product at $0, there is a multitude of additional expenses you are going to face, for example, promotional materials, hosting costs, travel expenses, legal fees must be covered. At business school, you can compete for your start-up to be funded. Students at Harvard Business School get up to $12.000 to start their business if they win New Venture Competition. Apart from it, every student gets $5.000 in their first year to start a business as it is a requirement. 

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