Doctor D. Schwab of CA Botana International

Research, Development, and Manufacturing of Advanced, Natural Skincare Products

Doctor D. Schwab of CA Botana International

The Doctor D. Schwab line was spearheaded by a real-life physician named Dr. D. Schwab, a homeopathic doctor who created lavender oil extraction and wound healing during World War II. “His homeopathic research, beliefs and ideas were incorporated into the Doctor D. Schwab product collection when it was first developed,” said Dieter Kuster, founder and head scientist for CA BOTANA, International. Dr. Dieter Kuster has developed over 3000 products for the cosmetic industry, including the CA BOTANA in-house brands, Doctor D. Schwab, Sea Enzyme and Ambrosia Aromatherapy. One of his break-through achievements is the development of the highly-acclaimed molecular penetrator Alphasomes®, an advanced liposomal delivery system to increase product effectiveness. Other specialties include targetspecific enzymes and superior peptide technology. Dr. Kuster has directed clinical trials and tests for numerous skin care products he has developed.

With over 40 years of on-site research studying the effects of nature’s bounty combined with the latest skin care innovations, CA BOTANA has created a trusted, widely recognized line of products. Their expertise in the centuries old studies of herbology and aromatherapy has expanded their repertoire of ingredients beyond that of most manufacturers, allowing for a plethora of combinations to target specific skin issues.

Doctor D Schwabb

Through extensive scientific research and thorough clinical trials, their Research and Development team has gathered compelling evidence to support their natural approach. Studies have shown many of their products to have a positive effect for over 90% of participants in the areas of firmness, hydration, elasticity and reduction in the appearance of wrinkle depth. Through these trials, CA BOTANA has proven the clinical efficacy of their products and methods, providing clients and customers with formulas that provide real results. They are, and have always been, passionately committed to using environmentally responsible resources and manufacturing methods that support nature’s well-being.

A San Diego-based company with worldwide distribution, CA BOTANA has built a reputable relationship with consumers and the skin care industry alike. The company has also been awarded the prestigious President’s E-Award for Excellence in Exporting.

Doctor D. Schwab
P.O. BOX 91510 SAN DIEGO, CA 92191
TEL: 1-888-360-7505

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