Does Preparing For Death Really Matter?


When you look at life from a philosophical, as well as a logical perspective, you’ll soon come to realize that death is inevitable, whether we’re prepared for it or not.  The time of our death is unknown, but when it arrives, it pays to have had some arrangements made in advance. However, it seems that many people are not exactly jumping at the idea of preparing for their death, understandably so. Yes, any way you look at it, death is certainly a grim topic, but avoiding making the necessary arrangements will not help in any way. In fact, it can make matters worse for the loved ones you leave behind. As such, this article highlights some pertinent issues about death that you should know.  

Make Your Decision While you Are Still Alive  

When you die, your body is either buried or cremated. By making the necessary arrangements in advance, you get to decide where you want your body to rest. For fear of death, some people depart the world without deciding how they would like to be sent off to eternity. If you choose to be cremated, you should know that different custom options are available for your urn, so you should choose whichever option you feel suits you and your beliefs best. For instance, there are different cremation urns which come in various styles, engravings, shapes, colors, and materials. You also have a right to choose a cremation urn for your loved one. The federal law is there to protect your rights even when you are dead. It becomes easier for your loved ones to fulfill your wishes instead of them deciding how you will be buried. Your loved ones will enjoy peace of mind if they can execute your wishes without conflicts.  

Dignified Departure

Death is a part of life, so there is nothing wrong about preparing for it. In one way or another, we all know that death will visit us, which makes planning for it a good idea. If you prepare for your death, then you can go in a dignified way and you can confront your last moments with ease. You can spend your final moments with your loved ones so that you can die peacefully. When you feel that you are nearing your end, especially in old age, you can spend your last days doing the things you liked most in your life. You will not feel the pain and pressure of death since you will be living a normal life. Such people often die peacefully in their sleep, which is more like a transition from one state to the next. 

In contrast, people who are in denial about death often experience sad endings. Such people are apprehensive about death and it becomes very difficult for them to prepare for their demise. These individuals often go with regret, worry, and a bad feeling that they have left some unfinished business. People who die unprepared often leave their loved ones with a great burden that can be difficult to dismantle.  

Preparing for Death Helps You Cope with Difficult Situations 

When you accept that death is unavoidable, you are likely to cope with difficult situations, unlike people who are in denial. For example, chronic conditions like cancer, heart disease, as well as HIV/AIDS often lead to death since they have no cure. However, with good support systems and a positive attitude, you can live a happy life with these conditions. When you accept the condition, you can cope with it, which can help you overcome untimely death.  

Helps You Understand Life Better

Many people are concerned about accumulating vast wealth and other earthly processions during their lifetime. As a result, other people fail to realize the potential of their lives apart from focusing on acquiring wealth. Such types of people have no regard for others, and they usually die solemn deaths due to a lack of love and affection from other people.  If we understand that death is a natural fact of life, then we can learn to appreciate it in its fullness, apart from the wealthy. Love is more valuable than earthly riches since we leave these behind when death arrives. Because we do not know exactly when we are going to die, it is vital to show our love and forgive others. We also need to apologize for our wrongdoings and to bid farewell to others. 

You should not have hard feelings when you pass on since this can only reflect the kind of life you were leading. The surviving people should use your death as a way of celebrating your life. People should take time to cherish your good deeds if you depart peacefully. 

Will Writing

Will writing is another very important aspect of preparing for your death. It helps to eliminate conflicts among the living when you are gone. If you have a vast estate, you should know that it will cause conflicts among different people with interests when you die. Therefore, you must write your will in anticipation of your death so that the executor can simply implement your wishes.  In case of sudden death through accidents, many people go without distributing their wealth. A well written will clearly state the beneficiaries and what they should get from the latte’s estate. However, when this important legal document is not available, conflicts are likely to be experienced over misunderstandings about the distribution of wealth. 

Death is unavoidable but most people seem to treat it as a taboo, and they do not openly discuss it. The truth is that death is a fact of life and we are all going to die one day. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with preparing for death since this will help you get a dignified send-off from your loved ones. When you prepare for your death, you also eliminate conflicts that are likely to erupt over your estate. All the same, preparing or not preparing for death has mental, emotional, physical and financial impacts on the loved ones we leave behind. So, you must act wisely.