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San Diego's Dog-Friendly Beaches Photos of Leila Baxter

Photos by Christopher Baxter

There are so many dog-friendly beaches along San Diego County’s sunny coastline. There are about four fantastic off-leash dog beaches that you can choose from and they are quite nicely spaced apart. The city of San Diego has been the most accommodating cities for a long time for dog owners. You can take your leashed dog for an early morning walk and an evening stroll on all their beaches. San Diegans enjoy this system those responsible dog owners access to the beaches in the middle of the day before and after the busiest hours. Below we have compiled a list of top dog beaches in San Diego County.

Dog Run Beach is called the North Beach of Coronado Beach and is located in front of Sunset Park. This is the only beach in Coronado that dogs can be let off the leash. There are signs when you arrive that shows the designated off-leash area at the north end of the beach. Keep in mind though that dogs must remain on the leash from the parking area to the designated area. Sunset Park, located across the street, is a very large grass park with a small area where kids can play around. Nearby are restaurants at Coronado Beach and the Hotel Del Coronado.

Dog Beach in Del Mar is also known as North Beach because it’s the only Del Mar beach that dogs are allowed off-leash. Beginning at 29th north and ending all the way towards Solana Beach, dogs are freely allowed to run, except during the summer months when they are required to be on a leash. Many volleyball courts are set up on the wide flat part of the beach. There is also a trail that leads to an ocean overlook is worth exploring. 

Dog Beach Del Mar

Ocean Beach City Dog Beach extends to the mouth of the San Diego River. Generally, dogs are allowed north of the Ocean Beach Bike Path, but are not allowed between the path and the Ocean Beach Pier. It is a wide and sandy piece of land that faces long rocky dock that separates the Mission Bay Entrance Channel from the river. You can find parking at the west end of West Point Loma Blvd. 

Fiesta Island is continuous beach around San Diego’s Mission Bay perimeter. Park where you once you follow the one way loop. In some spots you can drive right onto the beach like most jet-ski owners do. This has been a popular spot tournaments and events and is a great place to run, have fun walks, and biking. Dog owners love this spot as their dogs can freely run in the off-leash area. Fiesta Island has a great youth camp and aquatic center in the Enchanted Cove, located on the east side Fiesta Island. 

Calumet Park in La Jolla is a small neighborhood park with the beach located below. In order to get to the beach you have to go down a dirt trail that drops from the north end of the grass park to the beach below. Leashed dogs are allowed on the beach before 9am and after 6pm. It's worth exploring the beach during low tide because you are able to walk below homes on the crinkling bluffs. Even at high tide when exploring is limited, it's a great place to relax and look out to the ocean. 

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