Don’t Grant Burglars Quick Access to Your Home

Burglars are always on the lookout for a low-risk target that promises a quick score. As such, they will exploit security lapses and weaknesses to gain access to your home quickly while lowering the risk. Since they are eager for a quick score, they break into more than 5,000 homes every day, which amounts to about 200 burglaries an hour. In 2014, home burglars made away with a $3.9 billion worth of loot - with homeowners registering an average loss of $2,251.

Taking adequate security measures can keep you from adding to these numbers. Some of the effective ways to increase home security include installing aluminum fences, getting guard dogs, reinforcing doors and lighting up the home. Alongside these security measures, you must avoid some seemingly harmless actions that amount to rolling a welcome mat to a prowling burglar.

Be discreet on social media

Most people tend to bare their lives on social media, not knowing that they are exposing themselves to criminal elements. Some people on your friend's list are up to no good. Savvy criminals are increasingly taking to social media and using it to stake out their potential victims.

They will carefully mine your personal information, including home addresses and daily habits, from your profile and lie in wait for the perfect opportunity. That's why posting about an upcoming event on your timeline is a bad idea. It announces to the world, including the criminal elements that no one will be home, making it the perfect target.

Restrict your private information, such as home and work address, family members, and other sensitive information to the people you trust. Also, refrain from posting every aspect of your life on your timeline as it makes you the perfect target for identity theft. If you must, post pictures of your perfect tropical holiday after you're back home not when you're away from home.

Handle your keys carefully

Gone are the days when you could leave your front door key under the mat or in your car as they both save a burglar the need to force their way into your home. It may sound like stuff from the movies, but car thieves are increasingly targeting motorists for their home keys. If someone shows up driving your car and parks in your driveway, no one will bat an eye.

Once a thief gains possession of your car, they only need to fiddle with the onboard navigation system to find your home address. If your home keys were in the car, they could have unrestricted access to your home. If your social media bares it all, then they can have your family schedule all figured out, which might be the reason you were targeted in the first place.

You're better off keeping the home keys and garage openers on you instead of leaving them in the car. Reduce the number of keys in a bunch to make it less bulky and cumbersome to carry. Keeping the keys in a drawer at your desk ensures they do bog down or ruin your pockets as you go about your day at work.

Ringing your property with a perimeter fence is a proven way to improve home security. In addition to installing such security measures, you must avoid all actions that can grant a would-be burglar quick access to your home. Thieves are always on the lookout for an easy target and you don't want to help them with their evil intentions.