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Dr. Amir M. Karam, M.D.

When you stumble out of bed and take that first glance in the mirror, is your sleep-addled mind ever surprised by the visage which stares back? The reflection in the mirror, with its fine lines and wrinkles, sagging cheeks and darkened eyes, isn’t the face you know and love, but an aged imposter. It’s a common sentiment. Your face is often the first place to show signs of aging, but it’s also the most difficult to comprehend. When your face doesn’t look the way you imagine or reflect the way you feel, it can be damaging both emotionally and even socially. 

But what if you could alleviate those signs of aging and return your face to its glowing, youthful beginnings? What if you could achieve the emotional and physical benefits of looking the way you feel without any of the perceived unnatural effects of cosmetic procedures? At Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Amir Karam’s Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation procedures make those seemingly impossible dreams reality.

Dr. Amir Karam’s Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation

For ten years, Dr. Karam has been perfecting the approach and techniques of Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation. Early in his career, Dr. Karam realized his patients didn’t want to completely alter their appearance, but simply revitalize and restore their youthful looks. He also found that the greatest fear in his patients was looking unnatural, and he knew the solution lay in treating the face as a whole, rather than as separate “trouble areas.” The result is Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation. It’s not simply a procedure, but a series of simultaneous treatments that address the aging face as a whole, rather than as separate pieces. All three physical aspects of aging—skin texture, volume and sagging—are addressed during Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation, and the face is treated as a comprehensive entity. 

Facial Rejuvenation is 100% restorative and returns your face to its youthful vibrancy. It employs a series of procedures simultaneously that are customized for your specific needs and facial structure, and the results are completely natural-looking. Unlike other practices, Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery’s comprehensive approach avoids the unnatural or obvious results which so many patients fear. It’s an approach that simply makes sense. Imagine, for example, an outdated, ‘70s-era kitchen; if you just replace the appliances, the kitchen will look odd. But if you replace all the separate aspects of the kitchen simultaneously, you’ll achieve comprehensive, beautiful results. The same concept applies to your face. By treating all the aspects of the aging face concurrently, Dr. Karam guarantees beautiful, subtle results that restore your youthfulness and confidence. “Every single one of our patients come out looking natural,” he says. “It’s undetectable, safe and very reliable.”

Dr. Amir Karam’s Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation

In returning his patients’ faces to their youthful splendor, Dr. Karam always notices an emotional lift to accompany the physical; once you look the way you feel, your life comes into balance. “We’re giving them their appearance back,” Dr. Karam says of why he’s so invested in Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation. “Plus it’s an easy transition; you immediately feel like yourself again.” These procedures don’t alter your appearance or turn you into someone else; they simply reverse some of the peskier signs of aging and restore your younger appearance. 

Dr. Karam’s Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation is successful thanks to Dr. Karam himself. He spent 11 years at UC Irvine School of Medicine performing clinical and scientific facial plastic surgery research and was awarded the Gordon J. Hatfield Award for best performance in surgery. He followed his research with a Fellowship in Advanced Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, an honor only offered to 40 people a year. Today his experience is unparalleled, evidenced 15 years of successful surgeries. The minute, detailed skills needed to successfully perform procedures on the face are second-nature to the skilled hands of Dr. Karam. His preeminence in the field is recognized by his patients as well as his peers; Dr. Karam’s been recognized as a leader in facial plastic surgery with awards and recognitions, as well as honors as a speaker, author and educator. Patients (including fellow plastic surgeons) travel from across the country to receive Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation under Dr. Karam’s skilled hands.

Dr. Amir Karam’s Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation

The incredible team at Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery is also a draw for patients. The experienced, compassionate team ensures every patient is comfortable and content before, during and after their procedure. Education is a priority at CVFPS, as is safety. Because procedures are performed under IV sedation (not under anesthesia), many of the worst effects of surgery are eliminated, like blood clots and pneumonia. Patients frequently speak to the ease and comfort of their procedure. “I felt like I was a priority for every staff member,” says one recent patient. “Dr. Karam made me feel like I was making the correct choice and he answered all my concerns and alleviated all my fears and concerns.”

It’s possible to once again love the reflection in the mirror and restore your face to its youthful vibrancy. Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation with Dr. Karam and Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery is the answer. 

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