Age Gracefully with Dr. Karam

Dr. Karam Provides Facial Rejuvenation Through Proactive Measures

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We’re all familiar with the cliché “aging gracefully.” Although it’s a nice thought and a pleasant adage, unfortunately aging gracefully is not a practical or realistic objective. “Natural aging is anything but graceful,” explains Dr. Karam of Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery. “Once we hit our 40s and 50s, the facial aging is in full swing. The result—a face that no longer resembles how we view ourselves.”

Dr. Karam cites those unpleasant transformations we all face with age: tired, drawn and hollow eyes, deflated cheeks and sagging along the cheeks, jawline and neck, all of which seem to happen overnight all seem to happen overnight; with each day, month and year, the change becomes more and more accelerated. Before you know it, you look like a different person, an unrecognizable reflection in a mirror. Aging gracefully can only happen if you proactively and comprehensively take care of the changes that come with aging. This has been Dr. Karam’s approach to saving faces and it has served his patients well. “I have always been passionate about facial rejuvenation and driven to come up with the best ways to achieve it.” 

Considered one of the busiest and most specialized practices in the country, Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery is an award–winning, unmatched practice to which we’re lucky enough to have easy access. Focusing only on facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty, Dr. Karam is the true definition of a specialist. His skills have earned him worldwide distinction; in addition to having a strong local reputation as a facial plastic surgeon, patients travel from all throughout the U.S and abroad to have procedures performed by Dr. Karam. 

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It’s more than just incomparable expertise that brings patients to Dr. Karam. The reason is simple: trust. They trust that they will look refreshed and rejuvenated while maintaining a natural look with undetectable results. There’s no chance of looking pulled, tight or loosing your identity—a concern patients and their loved ones share equally. Yet, for so many people, the changes that occur during the aging process can leave people feeling like they no longer look the way they feel, which can eventually lead to disharmony and a decreased self image.

Looking tired and aged has important and often negative impacts on our social, professional and interpersonal lives. Ageism is a cross–cultural reality. Most people imagine themselves looking younger than their actual age; when reality hits, it’s not always welcome. “Helping people restore their appearances so that they once again look as youthful, healthy and refreshed as they feel makes such a major impact on our patients’ quality of life. It literally changes lives as a result of restored self–confidence,” says Dr. Karam. “In essence, this is the real purpose of my work. This is by far the best part of my profession. It is what drives me.”

The question that remains is how, exactly, was Dr. Karam lead to his true calling of facial plastic surgery? He explains that following his mother’s heart transplant 23 years ago, he was inspired to be a surgeon. The life–altering precision practiced by his mother’s doctors inspired Dr. Karam to pursue a career in medicine. But it wasn’t until his first year of medical school that he realized that he wanted be a facial plastic surgeon.

During those first months of early exposure to the field, he found that facial plastic surgery fit his personality and intrinsic qualities. It’s a specialty that requires the perfect blend of demanding surgical execution, artistry and creativity. But more than anything, he understood how important people’s appearances are to them; in choosing his specialty, Dr. Karam embraced his newfound ability to really help make an impact in his patients’ lives.