Dr. Nguyen Cares For The Heart With Expertise & Love

Dr. Bryant Nguyen

Dr. Bryant Nguyen, MD, a Cardiovascular Specialist at Sharp Grossmont Hospital is a doctor who truly enjoys the field in which he specializes. Indeed, he still gets excited and feels fascinated when discussing the remarkable “machine” he decided to study scrupulously many years ago. This is a doctor who genuinely wants to invest in his doctor-patient relationships. After graduating from Georgetown University of Medicine in 2004, Dr. Nguyen has gradually built his career in Cardiology and is ABIM Board-Certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology and Internal Medicine. He embraces the wide variety of patient care he provides- from emergency calls to elective cardiac procedures and addressing patient questions and concerns in his clinic.

“I really try to emphasize the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and I truly want to spend my time with my patients. I want to be there for my patients as much as I can. (My) patients are the reason I go to work every day. Nothing brings more confidence to a patient than face-to-face time with the doctor,” he explains.

To achieve a healthy life, his advice is to focus on your diet. Dr. Nguyen suggests eating healthier, mostly fresh foods while avoiding high-saturated fats. He also urges consuming food in moderation and minimizing sugar and salt.

“In the past the most common cardiovascular procedure would probably be angioplasty, to relieve blockages in the coronary arteries, typically caused by smoking, poor diet, diabetes, etc. Thankfully, a lot of people stopped smoking, and people are more aware of their health. All this contributed to people having fewer heart attacks while we are able to treat them more effectively.”

According to Dr. Nguyen, Cardiology, as other medical fields, is constantly growing, improving, and more effectively discovering and resolving health issues like heart failure, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic heart conditions.

“In the last years we see patients live longer, they even live longer with chronic conditions, and the number of heart attacks has been reducing. The shift has been away from emergency cardiac care and focusing more on the chronic conditions, now that people are surviving the emergencies. More people are changing their lifestyles and more doctors are making sure their patients are taking care of themselves.”


Dr. Bryant Nguyen

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