Nothing adds more radiance to the appearance of a man than the confidence he has in wearing a glamorous lapel flower. A lapel flower that is carried on a jacket is a significant gesture that goes beyond the flower. Lapel flowers are a symbol of a luxurious life, the beauty of nature, the indefinite love, all captured in one flower. Most men will use a flower on the lapel of the jacket only a few times in their lives and this is not really appropriate as the lapel flower is not meant for special occasions only.

Sometimes, using the same combination of tie and dress can become quite tiresome and dry. This is what fashion entails, an attempt to express oneself and changes made with different garments.

Whether you accept this definition or just do not want to be less fashionable at any party, there is always a reason to be in fashion. Speaking of fashion with bloated words may not make it the most popular topic, no matter what event you are participating in, there is something that can make you exceptional from the majority and this is actually a lapel flower.

A lapel flower can actually make an average or the most boring outfit really outstanding.

The trick is to use the right type of lapel flower for the right occasion. If you are not yet an amateur florist but you are lucky, there are some basics you need to bear in mind for you to navigate the confusing world of fashion-related botany.

Lapel Flowers are not reserved for shopping and weddings alone, and a man does not require any specific occasion to wear one. The lapel flower has a long and historical etymology that dates back to antiquity. Lapel flowers have been utilized to represent everything from wealth to military affiliation. In recent times, men are more likely to wear one to add that extra beauty to their outfit. Wearing a lapel flower as with everything in life, you have to wear it with pride!

This article aims to reintroduce the tips on wearing a lapel flower. Many of us have been forced into wearing one when we were much younger where we used it to take a picture and then we got it or at a wedding where we had one during the ceremony. This is not the best way to introduce perhaps one of the most attractive male accessories. So we at vivipins are here to teach you the best way to go about this.

Male and lapel flowers

Few elements of men's accessories are well understood by the average person.

Even less are these particular touches for the appearance of a gentleman, like the pocket square of a jacket, the cufflinks on a shirt and other accessories that brings out a real character.

Men are observed to have an idea of what they like and tend to move a little away from this idea, choosing to stay ignorant of the small octopus-style that can turn a decent suit into an elegant and memorable costume.

Perhaps the least understood is the lapel flower. This small line of stitches still present in the flap of the left jacket is rarely used and is almost never used properly.

To begin, I want to address the issue of lapel flower use and masculinity; There are many men who will reject the use of a lapel flower with the ideology that it is feminine. There is nothing further from the truth, great poets, warriors, and statesmen have been using lapel flowers for over a thousand years. The soldiers who go to war proudly took flowers to their breasts,  in the United States of America, every first day in the month of January, two of the best university football teams collect roses in their uniforms. The winners of our major sporting events are congratulated with bouquets of flowers and the days of commemoration, we honor our fallen heroes with flower blooms.


Why wear a lapel flower?

Everyone wants to express their personal identity and a lapel flower is a perfect way to do it. Lapel flowers may for organizational usage and cause it can also be fully for decorative purpose. It develops from the time the men put flowers into their lapel, called buttonholes. One of the most popular styles is cotton flowers which are meant to look like boutonnieres.

The casual lapel designs with funny sayings have become a huge trend In this industry. They can be worn with an off-duty attire or even a blazer when necessary.

Why does a man wear the flower in the south, especially if he is likely to be alone in dressing one? I give you three reasons:

Why should a man wear a flower on his lapel, especially when he is likely to be the only fellow sporting one?  I'll give you three reasons:

1. It's a good way to start a conversation - I am pretty sure someone will make inquiries about it from you. What's important is knowing why you wear it. If given a compliment, simply respond with a thank you, and keep on talking, unless your partner wishes to keep it as a topic. Nothing spoils a conversation more than a man who portrays arrogance and one who ascribes excessive praises to himself. The lapel flower a conversation starter, not the subject matter of the discussion.

2. You definitely have something special to offer- Have you ever spent a nice night with a cute damsel you just met, and at the end of the night, the only thing you would give her is your business card? Try to leave something extraordinary and memorable. Or you might want to make your 70th birthday even more special -  A lapel flower is a great deal

3. It shows that you optimum attention to every detail –when you wear a lapel flower, it is a show that little things are also important.



The most important idea of using a lapel flower is to make sure it is appropriately worn. It contains a small part of the next section on the type of flower that you should use, but it adapts to itself.

Lapel flowers are suitable for many occasions but are subject to more formal situations. Formal events that occur outdoors have their own flowers or shades of color. The use of a cotton flower should be used with a set of specific guidelines. When you wear a lapel flower, you have three options:


Place the lapel flower into the buttonhole and press on the reverse of your suit, making the lapel flower firmly placed.


Place the pin of the lapel flower through the buttonhole of the suit, through the front of the lapel by pressing tightly your suit and inserting the lapel pin. It is believed to be a style statement of some, but also tampering the front of your lapel jacket.


Pass the lapel flower through the buttonhole through the lapel and puncture the suit. I think it's the best option because it keeps the lapel flowers firmly, but with a little puncture at the back of the suit, which cannot be seen.

In most jackets, there is a button or at least an outline. If you do not have such on your jacket, you can use the pin or pins to attach a manmade or a real flower on your jacket this is commonly for tuxedo jackets and sports coats)

Why is the left lapel more appropriate?

There is no clear answer as to why wearing a lapel on the left is better, but it has become an accepted part of the costume tradition. Many believe it because the heart is in the left part of the body, which is a romantic idea.

How To Apply A Lapel Flower

Vivipins exclusively deals on the sales of hand-made lapel flowers, so we tackle those. for a real lapel flower, the guidelines are quite the same. This is dependent on the size of the stem and the lapel buttonhole.

Basically, there are two ways of wearing a lapel flower pin: with the pin showing or hidden. Either way, you have to be cautious of the pin's sharp tip, especially when dealing with robust fabrics such as tweed!

Color Considerations

Similar to the color of the bow or pocket for your suits and shirts, lapel flowers should complete the rest of your outfit. By using a color wheel, you can use various color combinations, depending on your audacity!

While it is essential to ensure that the lapel flower is coordinated with the rest of your outfit, it is equally important to make sure that the rest of your outfit is well assembled and accurate!

You can easily browse online for your color wheels, colors are well divided into two camps: warm colors (red, orange and yellow) and cooler colors (blue, purple and green). A color wheel enables us to discern which color schemes work by either pairing warm or cool colors together (similar color schemes) or by pairing a warm color against a cooler color (complementary or triadic color schemes), which are generally much bolder schemes. Both combinations can look cool– it's a matter of whether you want a more muted look or a more striking, bold combination! As with selecting the right size for your lapel flower, its color should be in check with the rest of your outfit (and, perhaps more importantly, the occasion).  Use a color wheel to select complementary colors (those that are directly in front of or next to your main color). If in doubt, opt for something neutral, like bone white. The use of a lapel flower should add to the overall elegance of your outfit, without adding a shock factor!

The lapel flower is a men accessory, that can quickly emit a splash of color to an average outfit. To put on a shiny color is one of the leading trends of this age. Most stylish and timid gentlemen may discover their happiness in a lapel flower. When wearing a dark colored suit, be it navy blue, black or grey as the case may be you may pick any color of your choice. If you have an outfit with many colors, you should select a lapel flower that has the same color as your tie, your shirt, or even your jacket.


The favorite floral options to use as lapel flowers are roses and carnations. Another popular selection of flowers includes colorful bachelor buttons. Each of these flowers would be the perfect complement to decorate the lapel of a man's coat.

The use of a lapel pin is associated with a sophisticated fashion and is suitable for many events and meetings. This is an easy way to increase stakes and show that you have brought your A game to the style table. Today, the trend is to use more variety in the choices available. You will discover flowers carefully created from synthetic materials. These can be enjoyed for a long time while looking fresh and new.

Adding a pin to any outfit can be an easy and inexpensive way to personalize your outfit to suit your personal style. Lapel pins, sometimes called suit pins, are not designed to distract, but they are there to add a stylish "outfit" which should already be a good fit and elegant outfit.

It is often said that one should dress the way he wants to be addressed hence, adding a lapel flower to your outfit will give you that classic style that will attract more admirers.  Lastly, you should be able to understand that not every day you will attend special occasions. This, however, does not mean that your lapel flowers should lie dusted in your wardrobe. You can choose to complement your outfit decently with your lapel at your convenience. At vivipin, we enlighten you with the latest fashion tips that are second to none hence we welcome you to our site anytime!