Easter Attire and Footwear for Men

Pastel isn't just for the ladies! As the weather heats up, so are these current men's fashion trends!

Pastel-colored men's shirts

Photo provided with permission

When you think of  Easter attire, you think of clean and very bright colors. Women and girls shop for Easter dresses, matching shoes and purses, however, it is equally important that men have clothing options to partake in the season's fashions as well. 

I can say that growing up our clothes were always so bright as were the men in the family. They always wore the colors of Easter. And the colors of this holiday are always pastel colors in which always pop at this time of year. It is not only their clothes that make their attire more spectacular on this holiday, but their shoes as well. More or so recently many different designers have taken to the colors of browns, lights browns, leathers, and even some pastel colors of their shoes. Many being boot cut shoes and some in which look like every day shoes but ones that are fit for holidays like Kenneth Cole’s collection of men’s footwear.

Kenneth Cole’s collection of men’s footwear is intriguing. The style of shoe is so different but also very clean. The company has launched a line of formal boots which seem to be very popular in current men's fashion. I have seen tons of individuals wear these shoes to work with a casual pair of slacks and a nice shirt yet, they do essentially go with regular clothes as well. Kenneth Cole’s collection of footwear is a boot-like shoe but one that comes in many different colors. As said above, some come in a nice sheen bright light brown color and some come in a suede desert beach color look. These colors are great for Easter as well as every day look.