Ecoline Windows Discuss Finding the Right Windows & Doors from Your Local Canadian Manufacturer


Many homeowners that are in the market for new windows and doors are completely unprepared for the amount of options and styles at their disposal.

Canadian window manufacturer Ecoline Windows points out that having more options is great for consumers, allowing them to find the perfect windows and doors to match their preferences or to blend in seamlessly with the rest of their décor.

The company, which manufactures double and triple pane windows in all of the common styles and patio doors, from its manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada.

Needless to say, there’s a lot to consider when examining the various door and window replacement options available on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the most common styles and the potential benefits and drawbacks of each.


Slider and Hung Windows ~ These windows open horizontally and vertically, respectively, and each come in single and double varieties, which relates whether they have one or two moveable panels. Each comes with some distinct advantages, including the ease with which they are cleaned.

Awning Windows ~ Ecoline Windows notes that many customers love awning windows for their ability to catch a breeze while open, providing enhanced ventilation. Unlike the above options, they also don’t have any dividers, so there are no obstructions when looking out of them (which may or may not be important depending on the view). Awning windows are more difficult to clean however and could also obstruct an outside area when cranked open.

Casement Windows ~ These could best be described as awning windows on overdrive. The entire can be opened, providing unmatched ventilation, while the compression sealing technology makes them the most energy efficient windows on the market. They can also be cleaned from the inside, another big benefit over awning windows. As with awnings, casement windows can obstruct outside areas while open, one of their few drawbacks.

Bay and Bow Windows ~ These large windows, which are comprised of multiple stationary and/or casement windows are perfect for flooding an area with natural light and provide great views and ventilation. One of the big benefits of these windows is that they are angled outward, effectively providing more seating space within the room.


Steel Entry Doors ~ These sturdy and stylish doors come in a variety of designs, are highly secure, and provide great energy efficiency. They’ll also resist rotting, warping, sagging, and shrinking, ensuring your entryway remains vibrant and inviting.

Fiberglass Entry Doors ~ Fiberglass doors simulate the warm look of wood while augmenting it with the durability of fiberglass panels, which can be painted or stained as desired. These doors can withstand even the most brutal winter conditions, retaining their charming appearance, which is why they’ve been a top seller for Ecoline Windows in recent years.

Garden Doors ~ Another option for your entryways are elegant garden doors, which are prominently chosen to open out onto gardens or other backyard spaces. These hinged French-style doors feature great outdoor views and plenty of natural light and ventilation while still providing maximum security thanks to their impact-resistant laminated glass.