5 Effective Ways To Beat The Heat In Your Home This Summer


Most people love the hot, summer months as it means getting outside, enjoying vacation time and making the most of your garden space for entertaining. However, on the flipside, if the temperature soars, it can also mean uncomfortable humidity and sleepless nights. No one wants to keep the sunshine at bay on those beautiful summer days, but there are a few things you can do to make your home more bearable once the thermostat starts to rise. Check out these top ways to beat the heat this summer and enjoy a comfortable experience both inside and outside your home.


Close the blinds


You may love the sun streaming into the windows, but in the midst of the midday sun, a lot of heat will be coming through these panes of glass which can push the temperature inside your home higher even when it's not as warm outside. By closing the blinds or curtains during the warmest part of the day, you can reduce the heat and stop your home having the greenhouse effect. This is especially important for anyone leaving pets at home, as room temperatures can rise rapidly and make your pet uncomfortable and potentially ill.


Use your air conditioning


Air conditioning is a savior for many households, especially those which endure warm temperatures for several months of the year. There’s nothing worse than getting to the summer and realizing your AC is in need of repair, though! By getting services and repairs completed as early as possible, it will ensure you are ready for the heat. To find an experienced technician to repair or service your air conditioning, take a look here for more information.


Swap your bedding


In the winter, you may have opted for thicker bedding and sheets to keep you warm at night, but when it comes to the height of the summer, these need to be changed quickly. Switching your bedding seasonally can help to keep you cooler at night, plus looking at alternative materials will ensure they are breathable to keep you at a comfortable temperature.


Open the windows


As the evening approaches, the heat levels will start to drop, and if you’re lucky enough to have a light wind outside, open the windows to take advantage of it. This breeze will offer a refreshing feel around your home, and by opening several windows, it will help to create a draft in your house. Doing this also helps to get some fresh air into your home, especially if the air feels stale within your rooms.


Avoid the cooker


Most people don’t feel like cooking large meals in the height of summer, and if you can avoid using the cooker, it will be great for keeping the heat in your kitchen down. Instead, use a grill or better still, get the barbeque on the go and take advantage of dining alfresco.


These are just some of the ways to beat the heat this summer to enjoy a comfortable season with family and friends both indoors and out.