10 Essential Items You'll Need to Set Up a Home Office

Working from the comfort of your home can often sound like a dream come true.


The benefits are great - you don’t need to commute or travel far, you can often work in your PJ's and you have your own personal space. But most of us who work from home requires a little more organization and routine to get in the zone. A properly equipped workspace will help to maintain your focus and work to the best of your ability. Here, we have put together a list of items that you need to set up a home office to help improve your productivity.


Computer or laptop

You will definitely need a high quality computer or a laptop. Whichever one you choose will be based entirely on personal preference but what will matter is that it does what you need it to do. You might want to ask your boss whether they would prefer you to own a Mac or Windows system. This will make sure it is compatible with what everyone else in your company or business will be working with.


An internet connection

With the increasing amount of people working from home these days, a home office internet connection is more important than ever. Thanks to many internet service providers increasing their residential broadband speeds such as BT, Sky, EE and Virgin - working from home and staying online is easier than ever.


Desk and chair

A good desk at the right height is essential for your home office. Consider an adjustable desk as these can be changed to different heights throughout the day - meaning you can switch from sitting to standing.


A decent chair that provides you with good back support is also a must-have. You don’t need to spend a fortune either, just shop around some office furniture shops.


Storage unit - office drawers, shelves

This is useful for filing documents, books and any other materials that you use in your office. No matter size room you have, it is important to make room for items like this because without good shelves, drawers and storage, the space will become messy and overcrowded which could distract you from your work.


A printer

At a minimum, a basic inkjet or laser printer will be sufficient for your home office. However, should you wish to expand on this usage there are many different multifunctional printers that you can buy. All in one machines enable you to print, scan and photocopy documents. Remember to buy toner and ink cartridges too and have these to hand, should you run out mid-print.



Having a dedicated telephone is something that all home offices should have. If you don’t use your home phone for social calls, then you could use that. You must remember to stay professional when answering the phone at all times and ensure people know not to call outside of working hours.


Many people will opt to use online telephone services such as Skype as a communication system - as this is a free service. For an added fee you can add business features such as a chat service, international numbers and voice messages.


Note/memo board

Not essential but one of these comes in handy when staying organized. They are good for putting up reminders as well as to do lists, brainstorms and so much more. You can choose different types such as a cork board, chalkboard or a magnetic board.



Every office has different supply needs but there will be some basics that everyone will need such as plain white paper, paper clips, staples, a hole punch, binders, folders, planners, pens, and notepads. This can all be brought from a stationary shop and stocked up easily when needed.



This might sound a little bit obvious but, no matter where you work there is going to be some kind of the mess. One way to keep on top of things and stay organized is disposing of things properly. A regular rubbish bin for general rubbish is the first thing to get. Perhaps consider a recycling box too and think about investing in a shredder to keep sensitive documentation safe.


Personal comforts

An advantage of working from home means you can include a few personal comforts. This could be some artwork, posters, flowers or scented items. Having these in an office space will make you more relaxed and at ease when working. Choose The Best Home Products With Us on BestHomeSupplies.com