Everything You Need to Consider When Planning Your Summer Road Trip

America is the perfect place to have the ultimate summer road trip. There are so many destinations and routes to choose from, meaning you can hop from city to city or you can simply enjoy the open road. The USA federal and state parks that are sure to impress, and beaches along both coasts to relax on. Whatever kind of road trip you are interested in, there is one for you. To have the perfect road trip this summer, follow this guide:


Who Is Going

Who is going on your road trip determines where you will be going on your trip, so it should be decided early on. Use these tips to make sure you pick the perfect road trip gang to go with you:


  1. Go with Like-Minded Travelers

Road trips are incredible experiences, but they do test relationships. You are in a small space with people for long hours, and you will all be cramped and uncomfortable. Arguments will happen, no matter who you are with. That is why you need to go with people who are fully onboard with long road-trips. You might get into an argument, but at least you’ll all move past it because you know it’s worthwhile.


  1. Make Sure That There is Something for Everyone

You should also make sure that there’s either one or several destinations on your road trip for everyone. You don’t want to only cater to one person’s itinerary, after all. The more evenly spread out the destinations and to-do list items are throughout your group, the better.


Where You’re Going

Once you have who you are going with, it’s time to plan where you are going. You should first get everyone’s input on places and events that you must go to, and work from there.


  1. What to Research

You will want to research your road trip. Read up on what other road trippers have done and their itineraries to get started. Not only can you find amazing stops that you would never have found before, but you can also read up on survival tips. You will also want to use Google and social media searches to find amazing sites, events, and establishments that you never knew about before. Facebook events can help you find things that are going on while you’re on the go, or in advance. Instagram is another great way to find picture-perfect sights along the way. The more you research, the better your trip will be.


  1. Know Your Waypoints

Once you have your destinations, it’s time to find the waypoints. These are things like rest stops, gas stations, and even repair shops like Revolution Automotive Services BMW service. These stops aren’t destinations per se, but it is important to know where they are in the case anything happens or you need a rest stop along the way.


Documenting Your Trip

Massive summer road trips need to be documented. While you should initially document them for posterity’s sake, you should also keep in mind the possibility of turning your trip into the launch of your very own travel blog.


  1. Photos, Video, and More

The key to both documenting your trip for memories while also being aware of the possibility of doing something more with your records is to simply take a lot of footage, photos, and to keep a detailed journal. Phones today are equipped with powerful cameras that can even take up to 4K video, so you don’t even need to go out and buy an expensive camera.


Get everyone on your trip involved with taking as many photos and videos as possible, and encourage everyone to keep their own journal as well. The more perspectives and footage you have, the better.


  1. Putting it All Together

Once you’re back and settled from your trip, it’s time to put everything together. There are many ways to share all of your documents together, from a shared Facebook album to a cloud folder either through iCloud or Dropbox. Once you have all of these files together, it’s time to sort through them. Read up on tutorials on video editing and use them to put together a series of videos of your trip. You can then share these amongst your friends or use them to start your own travel blog.


The same goes for everyone’s written journals and photographs. You can either order them chronologically or by theme; however you choose to present it, get it all sorted and organized before you start to post – especially if you want to garner a following on social media. The number one rule, though, is to have fun with your experiences – don’t think of it as a job.  


Tips for Surviving Your Trip

Before you can sort through all of your footage and photos, however, you first need to survive the trip. As previously stated you will get into arguments with your travel companions no matter who they are. The key is to be respectful and to forgive. Know that you don’t have to do everything together, and lay down some ground rules. Things like checking in every two hours when you are separated, or even something as simple as singing along in the car can make the trip go much more smoothly.


You also should not rush. Rushing not only ruins a trip, but it also tires everyone out. The more tired everyone is, the moodier you all will become. Plan for rest days, keep the day-to-day itinerary small to allow for rest and spontaneous discoveries and go with the flow. You should also have contingency plans in place, like knowing where the service stations are near you or having everyone’s emergency contact details. The more prepared you are, the safer everyone will feel and the better you all will respond to emergencies.


The American road trip has been captured on the silver screen and in the hearts of the American people for hundreds of years, and now it’s your turn to enjoy the freedom of the open road.