Everything You Need to Know About Home-Grown Produce

When was the last time you thought about your food habits? Everyone needs to go grocery shopping at least once a week, but how often do you think about the health benefits of what you are eating? The middle aisles of stores are filled with food that is packaged up in boxes in order to last longer, whereas the outskirts are where the fruits and vegetables lie. Even when you purchase fresh food, how can you be sure that it is pesticide free? Choosing the organic option or going to local farmer’s markets is one way of safeguarding yourself against the chemicals, but the best possible option is to grow your own food. Here is everything you need to know about home-grown produce, from how it benefits you down to its effects on the environment.


Fresh food

For starters, growing your own produce will give you fresh food all year round. This is not only healthier, which will be explained in more detail below, but it is the tastier alternative. Have you ever tasted the difference between a fresh grown tomato and one that was bought at a grocery store? Neither the look nor the taste of it is the same. When you grow it yourself, it will be much more aromatic, as well as contain more nutrients. You will even taste the difference when you are cooking with the ingredients that are coming right out of your backyard.


Mental health benefits

Your mental health affects everything that you do on a day to day basis. The more your mind is consumed with negative thoughts, the less happy you will be. On the other hand, the food you eat can play a big role in your mood. Food is fuel that can either make you sharper or feel like a couch potato, especially if you eat an entire tub of ice-cream. Thus, a diet that is filled with fresh food that is rich in nutrients will boost your brain power, and you’ll feel more energized and positive as a result of it.


Physical wellbeing

The food you eat not only impacts your mental health but your physical well-being as well. It’s only natural that your everyday diet will impact how you look, and the amount of nutrients you absorb from what you eat plays a huge role in this. Who doesn’t want to feel good and look good? The two factors are synonymous, and when you take better care of what you eat by feeding yourself with food that is home-grown, you are doing exactly this.



Much of the food that you find in grocery stores is sprayed with pesticides and other harmful chemicals in order to make them last longer. The problem is that this type of food brings with it a lot of negative health problems. However, when you grow your own produce, you are in complete control over how the crops grow, and you can ensure that none of these toxic substances are sprayed on them.


The necessary set up

Home-grown produce requires some set up around your home. As one example, you can simply plant fruits and vegetables in your backyard or front-yard during the warmer weather months. However, these crops will not last through the winter if you leave them out in the open. Thus, it would also be worth your while to set up your own personal greenhouse where you can grow produce all year round in a temperature regulated space. In doing this, you will need to learn more about where to buy all of the necessary equipment to set everything up. For example, your greenhouse will need an exhaust fan for proper ventilation and pest prevention, for which you can learn more about online. Consider the greenhouse as an investment that you will have for many years to come, and it will be well worth it to spend the money on it. Moreover, it’s something that will always remain in your home space until you get rid of it, so even your kids will enjoy as adults if you still live in the same place.


A new hobby

If the aforementioned points are not enough to convince you to start growing your own produce, yet another good reason for it is the fact that it will become a new hobby for you. A hobby is a pastime that people enjoy doing, and it does wonders to help you relax and for your overall happiness levels. Of course, you won’t realize how much you can enjoy doing it until you test it out yourself.


Helping the environment

In addition to the various benefits to your personal wellbeing, you are helping the environment with your home-grown produce. Many people waste too much food, especially when they purchase it from grocery stores. Moreover, the food you buy is often packaged in a lot of paper and plastic, and this only adds to the world’s pollution. On the other hand, when you grow your own fruits and vegetables, you do not need to worry about any of this extra garbage, and you will even get better with not wasting food, especially after the hard work you went through to grow it.


Why not test out your green thumb at home-grown produce? It will benefit your mental and physical health in more ways than what is even listed here. While it may also become one of your new favorite hobbies, you are helping the environment in the process, which is one of the best things that you can do. You don’t need a lot of money in order to have the proper set-up, and if anything, you will save on your monthly food bills when you choose this option. Knowing the various benefits, it is something that you should pursue, not only for your sake but for those around you. Who knows? You may even influence your other family members and friends to start doing the same in no time.