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 Visiting Croatia Reasons Why it's Time You Went to Croatia hrvatska


From mountains and cliffs to numerous parks and city lights, the symbiosis of the city's beautiful architecture with colorful gardens and lakes, to over thousands of islands in its magnificent collection, Croatia is a small country that shines in its full bloom. Croatia is where southeastern Europe meets Central European attributes as the geographic position played a significant role in how the history of the country will be written. Many different rulers throughout the centuries of ruling marked various regions of the country which made Croatia versatile in every way. It is why you’ll get more than you’ll ever expect when visiting this beautiful country. Take our road trip map and tour guide word by word, north to south, while we point out the country’s best.



 Visiting Croatia Reasons Why it's Time You Went to Croatia

With the most appealing vibe, beautiful sights, plenty of green areas to explore and relax at, and fantastic dining scene, Zagreb has a great story to tell, and this is where you should start your journey. Even though it’s a modern city, by all means, Zagreb whispers its history episodes through numerous checkpoints you’ll get a chance to see. Take a seat at a local café and put on a Croatian lifestyle where sipping coffee means more than just indulging in espresso, for Croatians it has a social note where people meet over a cup of coffee and enjoy their company for hours. Zagreb has it all – museums, architecture, rich cultural scene, fun events for everyone, and plenty of amazing spots for travelers to discover.


Plitvice Lakes

 Visiting Croatia Reasons Why it's Time You Went to Croatia

The most popular tourist attraction of Croatia, where nature truly shows the best of the best, the Plitvice Lakes is UNESCO’s World Heritage site and one of country’s most beautiful National Parks. Located halfway between the capital Zagreb, and the Dalmatian coast, Plitvice Lakes consist of sixteen lakes which are interconnected by magical waterfalls and all accessible by foot through wooden pathways. Spending a day to visit Plitvice should be on the top of your list even if you won’t have time for anything else or if you staying in Croatia for just a day or two.




 Visiting Croatia Reasons Why it's Time You Went to Croatia for rovinj


Cultural center of the beautiful peninsula, Istria and a city with incredible history – Rovinj was in hands of Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, and Austrian Empire which molded its architecture, small squares, town walls, and overall lifestyle that Rovinj breathes. Influenced by many cultures that have left an impact of their own, Rovinj holds wonderful stories of ancient times and offers the best traditional gastronomy of Istria region like fresh fish, truffles, or wild asparagus.




 Visiting Croatia Reasons Why it's Time You Went to Croatia split croatia


Second largest city of Croatia and largest city of Adriatic Coast with its lovely beaches, Diocletian’s Palace which is listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, and tourist’s favorite – the Grgur Ninski statue, Split is a bustling, vibrant city that has it all, including a perfect location. Surrounded by the mountain of Marjan and hugged by the dreamy blue Adriatic Sea, Split will show you its best – amazing open fish market, world-class Mediterranean cuisine, lovely sites, and then it will send you away to take a ferry to one of Croatian’s most beautiful islands. Whichever you pick, you won’t regret it.




 Visiting Croatia Reasons Why it's Time You Went to Croatia  vis


Charming and loving, hidden behind the islands of Hvar, Brac and Solta, Vis is the furthest island in the Adriatic, and that much more attractive and for many – an absolute favorite place of all the Croatia. Vis is a proud owner of some of the best beaches in the country and it’s strongly holding to retain its natural beauty with keeping its beaches pristine. With its old stone buildings, narrow streets and alleyways, Vis is that ideal getaway place where you’ll find peace and discover a new kind of love for nature.



 Visiting Croatia Reasons Why it's Time You Went to Croatia mljet

Croatia’s greenest islands with clean and clear sea, sandy shoreline, and covered by a dense Mediterranean forest, Mljet is a must visit island which is easily accessible by ferry from Dubrovnik. Northwest part of the island is one of the most exceptional national parks of Croatia, so make sure to plan at least a small excursion to that part of the island with visiting a favorite spot of the locals – Veliko and Malo Jezero which are two salted lakes located at the north of Mljet.


 Visiting Croatia Reasons Why it's Time You Went to Croatia

Located at the extreme south of Croatia, enjoying the world popularity for quite some time now with holding a nickname “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik is so much more than a charming coastal city. Old city of Dubrovnik is protected by UNESCO and its city walls hold some truly incredible stories of what the city went through after the powerful earthquake damage in 1667 and how it survived another type of damage in Croatian War of Independence in the 1990’s. Dubrovnik is a gorgeous place where history, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque architecture, and nature all paint the finest picture worth millions of words.