Experience the Charm of Hornblower Cruises and Events

We often go well out of our way to have a nice time, or to make special occasions more exciting and memorable. We spend an enormous amount of time hunting down the perfect venues; the best restaurants; the nicest amenities. And more often than not, we’re left feeling a little disappointed considering the amount of time and effort we put into planning—not to mention the overall cost.

So the next time you’re planning out a spectacular evening, afternoon or weekend (or any kind of special event) take a look at Hornblower Cruises and Events. Hornblower is well known and highly regarded in San Diego for being the only small charter yacht company in the area that delivers first-class dining, entertainment and cruise experiences, all in one shot.

Whether you’re putting together a birthday or graduation party; business meeting or corporate event; a wedding, anniversary or family reunion; booking a Hornblower cruise is the perfect way to cover all bases without going to extreme lengths to make it happen. With all the amenities of a luxury hotel, Hornblower yachts provide an excellent setting for fun, enjoyment and relaxation—from the courteous captain and crew, to the full service bar and dinner menu, right down to the breathtaking views of the beautiful San Diego skyline.

A Wedding with Hornblowed Cruises and Events

Whalewatching with Hornblower Cruises and Events

Hornblower Luxury Lounge and Dining Room

But special events aren’t the only reason to book a cruise with Hornblower; they also offer exclusive, one-of-a-kind whale watching adventures. Get up close and personal with some of the most magnificent creatures on earth—grays, finbacks and humpbacks; dolphins, sea lions and sea birds—and spend an entire afternoon cruising the gentle waters of the pacific; creating priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

Hornblower has an entire fleet of yachts and cruise ships to choose from, from the simple but charming Renown, an antique Trumpy motor yacht built in 1940, to the luxurious Inspiration Hornblower—a full-service, 1000-guest cruise ship and the largest charter yacht in southern California. So regardless of the size of your party or your individual needs, Hornblower can provide the perfect experience and setting for you and your guests. And with cruise packages starting at just $79, Hornblower cruises aren’t just a great way to have fun, they’re financially smart and easy to afford.

Hornblower Inspiration Cruise Ship

So before you book an expensive hotel, recreation center, catering service or any other company to help launch your party or special event, visit Hornblower’s website at www.hornblower.com to compare cruises and event packages, check out their lineup of luxury yachts and vessels, or to schedule a unique and exciting adventure, right here off the coast of sunny San Diego. You can also call them at (888) 467-6256 for more information.