Expert Tips for Choosing Your Exhibition Furniture


When it comes to choosing the right exhibition furniture, you ought to think beyond aesthetic only. However, if you are not good at creating your display, you can get in touch with professionals like Expocart to get the job done on your behalf. We have compiled a list of tips that can help you create a good exhibition that will make you stand out from the competition.

  • Get Sensible Seating

For most individuals, the exhibition is a hard task that involves choosing the right seating and placing it nicely to attract the audience. It is even harder for the people taking care of the stands. The exhibition entails many days of walking, standing, packing, carrying, and mingling. Therefore, when coming up with a plan for your exhibition, it is ideal to include a dedicated staff seating that allows for tea breaks. Also, make sure you maintain a professional display. Your salespersons should be sprawled on one couch at your stand.

You will notice that exhibitors often make the mistake of focusing on the form over function. This implies that they pick the pieces that are intricate to the eye, but they don’t function to the expected standards. If you want success, make sure that your furniture is as comfortable as possible. At least try to balance everything so that your salespersons have enough angles to develop striking pitches. If you are providing couches, try to add in a few ottomans so that clients have comfortable places to relax when talking to your sales team.

  • Stand out from the crowd

Your expo stand is a great opportunity to reflect your brand, display your professionalism, and show your uniqueness. It is your aggressive advert to all the audience and visitors that happen to lay their eyes on it. This means that picking the right furniture to achieve a strong impression is essential.

Your choices must be on-trend, and they have to be on-demand. The items must be in perfect condition and should be neatly presented so that they get the most attention. While doing all this, you must not ignore the quality of the furniture and textile design you choose to display. With outstanding quality, your target experts will have a positive attitude toward your brand in general. The last thing you want is for your stand to look like it was created with a shoestring budget.

If you choose to hire expo furniture, it is not a good idea to sacrifice quality even if you have a tight budget. It is still possible to go for something cost-effective, and still give your stand the quality it deserves. Look for a furniture hire supplier that will provide you with an array of prices so that you get to pick what best suits your brand. You should allocate money for some big-ticket items to compliment the overall look of your stand. So you have two things to do: go for cost-effective items and then have one or two big-ticket items to make your stand more conspicuous at the show.

  • Theme the Scene

The best exhibition is memorable since it has classic themes. You need to pick a theme that defines your brand, and it has to be unique. Also, your theme should perfectly blend with the furniture choices. Whether it is recycled classic, natural, retro, futuristic, or antique, make an effort to ensure that your theme is seen throughout the entire stand. This implies that you have to take time to select the furniture, décor, finishing, and branding that crafts the perfect atmosphere for your stand.

  • Practical storage

Most furniture exhibitions lack enough storage space. You can use classic, well-designed ottomans to get enough storage spaces at the show. With the right ottoman, you can get enough storage just within your stand.

The Final Thought

Planning an exhibition is a real challenge, especially when you have to consider all the things mentioned in this piece. Fortunately, getting the right furniture becomes more comfortable when you decided to factor in the needs of your staff. Select unique themes and express your brand in the most professional way possible. Also, find some smart ways to get extra space and ensure that the furniture does not have flaws.