Expert's Guide to Coachella Festival

Expert's Guide to Coachella Festival



Coachella is one of the biggest music and arts festivals that everybody looks forward to every year. It is the grandest event for indulging in fashion, music, and art. Are you trying to prepare for your first Coachella ever? Or are you curious about what goes on during the star-studded festival? 


Take a look at these pro tips on how you can make your next Coachella experience the best one yet!


As one of the highly anticipated social events of the year, Coachella tickets tend to sell out pretty fast. To guarantee your place, make sure to plan out your schedule and budget in advance. Once that is ironed out, purchase your tickets from the official Coachella website as soon as possible. You can also join the waitlist for some options that are already sold out. Or you can hunt for passes through last-minute websites. Alternatively, you can check out the Buy and Sell thread on Coachella's Reddit channel. 


Once you have already secured your tickets, it is time to plan out where you will be staying. The most popular option would be the campgrounds. It is cheap and also has a scheduled campground party. You can either go car camping or set up a tent. For a more luxurious option, fully furnished safari tents are also offered. However, if you are not comfortable with camping, you can always book at nearby hotels and Airbnb options. It is recommended that you check out shuttle service routes before you book a hotel or Airbnb. As a lot of people will surely come to the festival, make sure to book early. Looking for a roommate or carpool to save cash? You can check out the ride, car, or room sharing posts in Coachella's Reddit channel. 

Check Out the Coachella App

With so many artists in the performance lineup, it may be hard to keep track of what you should do and see. Installing the official Coachella app can help you stay organized and not miss out on any shows of your favorite artists. There are also many fun activities offered during the whole festival. You can read more about what kind of fun stuff awaits you for the whole weekend. There are arcades, workshops, games, and many more activities that you can sign up for. The app also comes with an interactive map that will help you find activities and amenity listings as well as nearby food and drink establishments.

Plan Your Outfit

Coachella is flooded with influencers and the biggest names in the entertainment industry. It is known for being an event where people proudly show off their unique and trendy outfits. There is no dress code, so you are free to wear whatever you want. However, the number one rule in planning an impressive Coachella OOTD is your comfort. You have to keep in mind that you will be walking around the valley the whole time, so your outfit should be comfortable for you. You will not look cute at all if you are super uncomfortable with what you are wearing. For some style inspiration, check out previous Coachella outfits of celebrities and online personalities. 

Know the Do's and Don'ts

As Coachella is a huge event, it is best to keep yourself familiar with the general rules before the big day for your own safety and peace of mind. Check out what you can and cannot bring to the venue to avoid the hassle. Also, do not forget to read up on what actions can get you kicked out of the event. A more comprehensive list of rules can be found on Coachella's official website. Make sure to read through the list so you can come to the festival prepared. 

Capture Awesome Memories



Your Coachella experience would not be complete without taking unforgettable photos. Make sure to take as many photos as you can. Pro tip: the perfect lighting comes when the sun is about to set. Take advantage of the golden hour by flashing your big smile and posing for the camera. Beautiful art installations are all over the venue so do not forget to snap a shot. 


If you want to have an unforgettable and super fun Coachella experience, you have to plan ahead. A lot of people are looking forward to this event too, so it is best to sort out everything right from the tickets, outfit details and all the way to the actual program. Follow the rules, manage your accommodation early, and keep track of the lineup by checking out the official application. A great adventure is waiting for you at the next Coachella festival!