Explore Vancouver for the Outdoor Type

Vancouver is one of the elite few cosmopolitan cities that does a great job of bringing visitors in from all over the globe, and in many ways, I am not surprised. The city has a huge amount to offer to its visitors, and arguably even more when it comes to those who love outdoor adventure to be the highlight of their vacation!

So if you’re thinking about booking a visit to Vancouver then read on to see what I would recommend. I hope you are ready to get excited about your trip! 

Explore Vancouver for the Outdoor Type 

  1. Go on a bike tour

Vancouver is a bit like Amsterdam in that it is a cyclist’s paradise, and indeed you will find it easier to get around if you rent a bike than you will if you try to stick to traveling on foot or taking public transport. Plus you will get to work off some of the delicious food that you will surely indulge in! Renting a bicycle or going on a bike tour is a much more attractive alternative than public transport. One thing’s for sure: with so many vendors on the market, you’ll be spoiled for choices when it comes to who to book with! Be sure to wear your helmet and use bike signals when on the roadway!

  1. Visit Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge

This beautiful part of the country can only be described as a rainforest, and indeed once you step inside it, you’ll quickly leave the city behind and feel as though you are an explorer in uncharted territory. Better still, it is absolutely free and it’s a stunning place to visit at any time of the year, with different trails for different walkers of different hiking ability levels. Be sure to do your research before hitting the trails!

  1. Hit the water

One of the things that Vancouver is known for is the fact that its waters are relatively untouched and that there’s so much for water sports enthusiasts to do and to experience. You can do everything from white water rafting to canoeing, waterboarding and more, so the only thing you’ll need to remember is to pack your swimming trunks and sunscreen!

  1. Take a cruise

Another great way to explore Vancouver if you’re a fan of the great outdoors is to book a Vancouver, BC cruise. There are dozens of different destinations for you to strike out for, and so the real task for you will be to figure out which ones take your fancy the most. Vancouver has a large port with many ships to take you further on your adventure. Don’t let pricing be a factor, because there’s a lot of variety on the market and plenty of different providers to choose from. Be sure to plan for each port of call and for days at sea- spend them on the deck taking on the views of the Pacific.



Now that you know what’s out there for outdoorsy types who pay a visit to Vancouver, it’s up to you to finalize your itinerary and to start booking things. Feel free to take this guide and adapt it to better suit you and your travel companions; create your own itinerary out of it. Just be sure to tick off those last few items on your to-do list before you leave so you make sure that you’re not forgetting anything. 

Other than that, you’re about ready to start booking your visit, so all you need to do is to arrange to take the time off work. Happy travels!