Exploring The Top Resorts In Cancun

The Best Resorts In Playa Del Carmen:

Exploring The Top Resorts In Cancun.


As many know Playa Del Carmen is just part of the Cancun atmosphere. Playa Del Carmen has quite a bit to offer including a little bit of history at the Chichen Itza. As it is part of Cancun, it is known to be a very friendly environment for young groups of individuals as well as some families. There are resorts like Now Sapphire that house the families during their stay and make sure their time there is spent extremely well. Families travel here quite often but, it is mainly an environment for young adults or couples who are honeymooning.


The first resort on the list to explore is Now Sapphire. Now Sapphire is a resort that is very family oriented and makes the children and parents feel very at home. With it being a waterfront hotel like many, there is quite a bit to see and do. With this resort being extremely family oriented, one thing that is a must do is the Turtle Release Program. The Turtle Release Program is watching the baby turtle experience their new home – the ocean. They are raised in little coves on the beaches, and once old enough, they crawl to the waters. I believe it is a once in a lifetime activity, especially for families. A few other amenities that families are accommodated to are the kids zone and the spa. The spa obviously being for the parents and the kids zone being for the kids. There is a spot for everyone at this resort and what better way than to take it all in on the waterfront.


If you are looking for a resort that makes the spa your number one hideaway than this next resort is for you, Royal Hideaway Playacar. This resort seems to be only adult friendly as it really is an adult getaway atmosphere aside from the resorts that have family amenities. Royal Hideaway Playacar has a 5-star spa, "The Retreat", it is a retreat in itself because obviously, it is a spa! The spa at this resort has quite a few things if you are looking to really pamper yourself aside from the beautiful oceanfront views. The spa has treatments like body wraps, aromatherapy, and facials. If you ask me, I would get away just to go to the spa!


Just like the previous resort, this next resort, Viceroy Hotel & Resorts, is not kid friendly. However, they offer a wide variety of activities just like the other resorts may provide. These activities alongside the ocean, just to name a few, are snorkeling, horseback riding, jungle tours and skydiving. Many of which most resorts do not offer, but it is Mexico, these should be a staple at most resorts. Just as all the resorts are on the oceanfront, I would have to say this one is my favorite. I would definitely vacation here with my spouse just because of how unique the resort is and what it has to offer.


Royal Hideaway Playacar



Now Sapphire



Viceroy Riviera Maya