Exploring the Cayman Islands

Have a Flawless Tropical Vacation in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

Photo by Sophie Bowles

An escape to the Caribbean isle of Grand Cayman is many things: exciting, invigorating, relaxing, and even educational. Cayman and its two sister islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, are situated near the equator, providing native islanders and vacationers a tropical marine climate. Along with year-round warmth, the Cayman Islands - nestled in between Cuba and Jamaica - are surrounded in remarkably refreshing, aqua blue waters

Cayman offers so much to explore on the island on land and at sea. Popular ways to explore the island’s nature and wildlife while supporting sustainable tourism include snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, and walking through the Cayman Crystal Caves.

The Cayman Islands are tax-exempt, so in a weird twist, there are more registered businesses on the Cayman Islands than there are people. Grand Cayman is an ideal and major financial center with five direct 55-minute flights a day from Miami International Airport. Cayman is an affluent British-territory island, and when it comes to crime rate statistics, it is the most secure and safe place in the Caribbean.  

Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman is a premier travel destination, and there is plenty of opportunities for shopping, dining, activities, nightlife, and family fun attractions. Every beach in Cayman is public. The Sandbar is a well-known tourist attraction where people can boat over to Stingray City’s crystal clear blue water to kiss, pet, and take pictures with friendly stingrays. Smith’s Cove is a beautiful beach oasis that has a jumping point into the warm water. Red Sail Sports offers many adventurous water sporting rentals. For example, you could take a catamaran round-trip for about $5 to go to Rum Point for dinner. Suffice it to say, anyone could take part in the grand sanctuary Cayman is - on a budget or on a splurge. Lodging in the wonderland Grand Cayman varies depending on budget and whether you would like to be on the touristy and family fun Seven Mile Beach or the quiet and quaint East End.  

When it comes to the luxuries Cayman offers, the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman is at the helm. Basking out in the warmth at the Ritz poolside or under a beach recliner’s awning is the absolute epitome of vacation dreams becoming reality. The salty seas in Cayman make floating and relaxing in tropical water the most rejuvenating feeling. The Westin Grand Cayman is another top-notch hotel, as is the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. All three of these resorts front the popular Seven Mile Beach and have a surplus of amenities to satisfy guests during their retreat to paradise.

Visitors can snorkel and explore stretches of coral reefs just outside of where they lodge. Cayman is also a well-known deep diving destination for experienced scuba divers. Whether you are taking it easy or living it up on a jet ski, the Grand Cayman is sure to gratify!