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2017 Comic Con

2017 Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 2017 has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we're done talking about. Here are some of the best panels and cosplay moments from this year’s Comic Con.

One of the best things about going to Comic Con, whether you were able to get into the convention center or not, is seeing dedicated people dress up as their favorite characters like Harley Quinn, Deadpool, Batman, and Wonder Woman. “I love all the creative cosplay,” said Stephanie Morton, a cosplayer. “There are so many different people that come together. They are all one, and [they] relate to one another on so many different aspects.” This year’s Comic Con was her second year and one of her favorite moments was doing her first cosplay as Ariel from the Little Mermaid. When asked about the inspiration, Morton said, “I love the Little Mermaid, and I’m a total Disney die-hard nerd.”

Comic Con 2017

Not only does Comic Con bring out the best cosplayers, but it also brings some of the biggest television shows and film of the year. Netflix’s original series Stranger Things was last year's breakout hit, and with season 2 set to premiere this October, fans have been eager to see footage. The cast and crew made an appearance at Hall H (which showcases the biggest panels) to discuss the show, and they brought a first-look trailer for what we can expect in season 2. Hall H once again brought us Marvel Studios to discuss the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Wars and gave fans a brand new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok.

Another favorite moment was when the cast and crew of Once Upon a Time showed up in Ballroom 20, the second biggest room, to discuss the upcoming, rebooted 7th season. The fans were eager to find out how different this season would be since the majority of the cast would not be returning. With a sneak peak at the first three minutes and a trailer featuring new footage, the minds of the fans were put at ease.

Comic Con 2017

Blade Runner 2049 had a massive tent across the street from the convention center that put you in the movie using virtual reality. Netflix had an experience outside as well, this one featuring props from Strangers Things and Marvel’s The Defenders. Speaking of The Defenders, their panel in Hall H featured the Defenders themselves and the villain of the Netflix series, the legendary Sigourney Weaver, who got a standing ovation. 

All in all, this Comic Con didn’t disappoint with the excitement it brings fans every year, and fans are eagerly awaiting for next year when Comic Con comes back to town. Comic Con will return next year to San Diego on July 19th, 2018.

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