Floral Trends: Bridal Bouquets

The end of summer is here fall is approaching. Wedding season is coming to an end too but it isn’t too late to have flowers for those fabulous fall and winter weddings. Not only  Flowers are a key ingredient to making a wedding gorgeous and special.Finding the right kind of flowers or look for your wedding isn’t as hard as it seems. There are many wedding trends for flowers but most important is the bridal bouquet. The trend this year for bridal bouquets is adding personal touches to the bouquet. Brides can add jewelry (possibly from her fiancée) or even here own monogram pendant. Incorporating charms and bling to the bouquets add a fun yet personal touch to the bridal bouquet. Photo gallery below. 

The first bouquet is hippie chic. This bridal bouquet depicts the colors of nature with bright oranges and lime greens. The trend for this bridal bouquet is “go green” for the environmental friendly bride-to-be. The flowers used in this bridal bouquet are orange gerber daises, green cymbidium orchids, Bells of Ireland and tulips which are all long lasting flowers. The most unique part of this bouquet is succulent plants mixed within the flowers. The succulent plants are the most long lasting and require little water since it is a desert plant. These succulents are plants with a purpose and make for a long lasting bouquet. Organic doesn’t have to be hippie and hemp. You can still add your bling and be good to Mother Earth. In this bouquet, a heart charm is in the center of   the bouquet which adds a sweet touch. A pearl bracelet with a heart charm ring around the bouquet’s holder. The bracelet could be one of the bride’s favorites or given to her by her Grandmother. Whatever it is, adding a charm bracelet adds couture to this eco friendly inspired bouquet.

Martha Stewart didn’t create the black and white look. And the Kardashian’s aren’t the only ones that have black tie affairs. Black and white have always been around and is still represents elegance. This look has a very “old money” style. The black and white bliss bouquet is classic and sophisticated yet poised with grace. This bouquet has gorgeous white roses and white anemones. The anemones are unique because they are white with black in the center. Along with the black and white flowers the roses have a black pin that accent the black and white theme. Around the base of the bouquet is a black and white damasked. The jewelry is simple but exquisite. This bouquet has a signature monogram initial of the bride. The pendant letter has a tiny rhinestone. The initial pendant adds a true personal touch to this memorable day.

The third look screams my big fat garden party bouquet. This colorful and fresh bouquet is perfect for a garden party type wedding. This pastel and peach colored bouquet is filled with roses, ranunculus, calla lilies and sweet peas. It is blush and bashful with accents of lilac. The idea of this bouquet is that it has a freshly gathered from the garden look. The bridal bouquet trend is using small art pieces like the two fireflies in this bouquet. The fireflies are made of cloisonné which is enamel over paint. There is one fire fly in the center of the bouquet and one dangling from the holder. The garden party look should be bright and colorful as the wedding day should be.