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Still need to find that perfect Holiday gift? Let us suggest Rosaline Jewelry!

Who was featured in our December fashion spread, this line is highly sought after as a luxury jewelry line with custom-designs and hand-crafted to perfection.

Emperor Butterfly silver ring ($1029), Enamel China White Butterfly Necklace ($690) and gold and silver single Dandelion earrings ($250), all by Rosaline Jewelry ( 

Rosaline Jewelry Butter Collection


Introduced at an early age to Chinese jewelry design and manufacture, designer, Rosaline Liang, pulls from a heritage that merges the artful simplicity of traditional Eastern motifs with an intrinsic love of cutting-edge Western designs. The result is a dazzling collection that is fresh, contemporary and timeless, as it captures the essence of contemporary elegance whilst retailing a distinctly classic feel.


Each timeless collection is made up of a stunning selection of fine art bracelets, rings, necklace and earrings that are made to be a reflection of your taste, style and individuality. And each piece is created out of the perfect marriage of 925 Sterling Silver and Gold, and adorned with vividly colored and exquisitely cut semi-precious and exotic stones. Together, these elements produce a radiant, luminous collection that any woman would love to wear.

Celtic Collection

Additional validation of Rosaline Jewelry's creative excellence can be found in its collaboration with the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore – one of the world's most prestigious and luxurious resorts. When seeking an exclusive luxury jewelry collection for its visitors and guests, the resort called on the services of Rosaline Jewelry.

The superb 'Sands Jewelry by Rosaline Jewelry' is a collection of necklaces, bracelets and rings that draws inspiration from the distinctive architecture of the Marina Bay Sands in ways that distil the very essence of the magnificent building. 






Just like us, as individuals, each piece of jewelry has its own personality. As such, each piece is a statement of the wearer’s own sense of style and a reflection of their individuality. So go ahead – treat yourself or your loved one this season with a piece from the fashionable affordable Rosaline Jewelry collection, or from their high end Sands Jewelry by Rosaline Jewelry.

Check out their latest collections for yourself! After all, one of the greatest joys of fashionistas alike is discovering a piece of jewelry that truly embodies the very essence of who they are.