Breaking Up Is Hard To Do—It’s Easier Online

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do—It’s Easier Online


New Process Makes Online Divorce Simple and Secure


A young attractive couple was in my office the other day.  She was a trainer at a local gym and he was a former sailor. The two had met online while he was deployed and when he returned, they had a whirlwind relationship filled with passion and excitement.  They thought they were perfect for each other. After six months, with stars in their eyes and a sparkling ring on her hand, they married. What happened next is all too common. Their communications fostered online came to a screeching halt.  They hardly spoke. He started staying out late with his buddies. She had a fling with one of her clients. Their relationship began to unravel. They had very little in common. No property. No kids. Just a memory of their burned-out love.

They came to us for a divorce.  It was a simple process and after a brief conversation we drew up the paperwork for their Marital Settlement Agreement and the appropriate papers for the court to process.  They handed us their credit cards and after the six months passed for the court to grant their petition, they went about their lives.

After guiding numerous couples through the divorce process, it became clear many didn’t even need to actually see us in person to work through their issues.  Since so many couples find each other via online dating sites, doesn’t it seemed logical for them to “uncouple” the same way? That’s what the divorce team at A Fair Way Mediation Center considered when we created Fair Divorce Online.  

Fair Divorce Online®  was developed by expert divorce mediators who ascertained that many folks could get through the divorce process without lengthy office consultations. These are not just couples who actually met online.  Today, with so many services –ranging from medical consultations to keto diet plans--available online, it is reasonable that many divorces can be resolved on the internet.

Although the U.S. government has ceased detailed coverage of marriage and divorce statistics, the United States Census Bureau has data indicating marriage is skewed toward “Millennial” and GenZ populations.  Despite data indicating that Americans below 45 years of age are partially responsible for the reduction in the divorce rate, untangling marriages via the internet makes sense to them. If they don’t have complicated issues such as child custody, real estate holdings and deep assets, an online divorce can make life much simpler.

Divorce is never easy.  Yet, the online way \ is streamlined and secure.  What separates the Fair Divorce method from most do-it-yourself processes is guidance from a divorce professional should the parties need some direction. The divorce service electronically gathers pertinent information, ensures that all legal requirements are met, reviews the documents and creates a Marital Settlement Agreement that can be submitted to the court along with the court required documents.  Setting them apart from DIY divorce services staffed by AI  robots primarily calculating figures, the FDO team are human beings who consider certain stipulations that might affect the divorce, settlement and the well-being of the family. Some of these nuances may include child support, retirement accounts, and health insurance.

The online process comes with a short intake online questionnaire to discover if the parties concerned are eligible for this method.  If our legal team establishes that an online divorce is right for them, we proceed with the process. If we see that the divorce will be contentious with numerous financial entanglements,  high conflict child custody concerns and real estate concerns, we suggest that the couple comes in for mediation. However, we have seen that with our guidance the issues can be resolved without ever having to come into the office.

Fair Divorce Online is headquartered in San Diego and is positioned to help any couple as long as one of the parties is a resident of California.