Fall Fashion and Art Collide in San Diego

San Diego fashion designers help you wear your art on your sleeve this fall.

Model Sammi Mendoza behind Art Piece by Artist Dawn Sebaugh

Photography by Stunning Photography

When Fashion Turns Into Art, Headlines The Salon Turns Up The Heat 

[updated] As the people of San Diego know, October is a month of art. The season begins with a saturation of shows on Broadway and at the San Diego Symphony, continues with the best Art Festivals of Southern California, and, as a sparkling, costumed finale, creativity abounds throughout the city for Halloween. Even the natural environment reflects the creative spirit, as our deciduous trees shed their banausic green wardrobes for glowing reds, auburns, and yellows, and bougainvillea provide their constant compliment of rosy pink blooms. Between the fresh, crisp fall air and the swell of artistic inspiration, the spirit for aesthetic flair this month is contagious. Even those short on time or creativity are awarded countless opportunities to take advantage of the creativity swarming throughout the city this season.

One of the best ways to make a statement is by not saying anything at all. This season, why not let your fashion speak for you? By wearing something that really speaks out, you are already saying something about yourself without ever parting your lips. Coyly and proudly declare yourself through your fashion sense and let it become a direct pathway to your self-expressionism. You can literally wear your art on your sleeve! 

Some very out-spoken trends have arrived in San Diego this fall, and they are just what the artist ordered for some fashionable expressionism


A Canvas of Crochet

Model Sammi Mendoza is wearing the Kasia de Gelaque Crochet Dress  ($795) and Studded and Crystalized Leather Biker Boots by Zigi Girl ($395). All pieces available at Ooh La La. 

Headlines The Salon and Ooh La La at the Del Mar Plaza

A Line of Leather

Model Above is wearing:

Leather Habitual Jeans ($206) available at Reign & Clover, Encinitas; Nikki K Designs Clutch ($250), and Studded & Crystalized Leather Biker Boots by Zigi Girl ($395), both available at Ooh La La in Del Mar, California and Carlsbad, California 

Headlines The Salon-Encinitas-and Gayle Fullbright

Mesh Motif

Sammi Mendoza is wearing a Zini Mesh Dress ($695), and Black Wire-wrapped Crystal Earrings ($95), both available at Ooh La La Del Mar Clothing Boutique (858) 523-1896

Headlines the Salon and Reign and Clover boutique Encinitas

Faux Fur Fantasy

Model Erin Winters is wearing a faux fur vest with embellishments by Cynthia Vincent ($345) and LNA Black Dress ($218), both available at Reign & Clover; the bracelets are lava rock tooth with gold chains and onyx beads ($250) with river stone beads ($90) with white tooth carved bone ($250), Available at Ooh La La.

Headlines the Salon and Ooh La La Del Mar Plaza

A Masterpiece of Mesh

Erin is wearing a Zini Designs Haute Mesh Lambskin Leather Jacket ($750) and a black Zini Mesh Skirt ($325), available at Ooh La La. Her bracelets include a copper ball bracelet, made in Bali ($7), a lava rock tooth with gold chains and onyx beads ($250), and river stone beads ($90), available at Queen Eileens. 


Behind the Fashion

Gayle Nelson Fulbright, owner of Headlines The Salon in Encinitas, is the mastermind behind the hair and makeup looks on the cutting edge of these fall fashion trends. Gayles team of experts transforms any fashion shoot with their signature style, which they developed and refined through a great amount of editorial work. Makeup and hair are meticulously created through the groups unwavering attention to detail. As with any great team, communication is key, so that every member- aestheticians, manicurists, stylists- is on the same page when it comes to complementing the wardrobe.

A lot of prep-work is involved so the shoots become fun and successful, Gayle says. Through trial and error the team is able to mix and match different colors and styles of hair and makeup to bring the complete look together. The juxtaposition of soft curls and chunky crimps, bold lips, and soft shadows, perfectly compliments the contrast of lace and leather found in our shoot. Like any creative genius, Gayle has to stay on top of the hottest trends, like studs, feathers and chains, to feel out what goes with whatin terms of hair and makeup. The job is far from an easy one, but with a practiced eye and a natural sense for fashion and aesthetics, Gayle, and her team successfully fetter fashion, make-up and hair into one cohesive - and avant-garde - look. Gayle proudly says that, after years of practice, the team has finally gotten to a point where they can come up with a vision utilizing accessories and clothes to pull them all together.” 

D'milikah San Diego Photo Soot voted best salon Headlines the Salon

Credits for the Photo Shoot

Production Director: Heather Winfield

Photography by: Stunning-Photography.com


Ooh La La, Del Mar, and Carlsbad - (858) 523-1896 oohlalaboutiques.com

Reign & Clover Women's Clothing Boutique, Encinitas  - (760) 635-2664 reignandclover.com

D'milikah clothing designer - dmilikah.com

Hair by: Headlines The Salon located in Encinitas - (760) 436-4845; with lead stylists LJ Sharman (lead), Gen Block, and Allison Decker 

Makeup By: Cristiam Alfonso now Wilhelmy he was married in 2015

Abstract artwork provided by community leader and award-winning artist Dawn Sebaugh from San Diego, California.