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Opulent Fashion Design Malgorzata

Photo shott Styled by Venessa Johnson owner of Vixen Boutique

Photography by Jonah Gilmore of Studio Rocket Science

Malgozata still going stong 

Malgorzata Wieteszka-Slocomb a San Diego Fashion Designer who's name is often whispered off the lips of San Diego’s most fashionable people, but what many people don’t know is the journey that landed such talent here in San Diego.  Born in Poland, Malgorzata was expected to be an architect like her father, but her family plans did not come to fruition when Malgorzata was selected to study fashion abroad in the United States.   She was chosen to take part in a program granted and led by the great Marvin Traub, an American retail legend and creator of the famous Bloomingdale’s .  Up until that time Malgorzata didn’t know it was a possibility to have a career in fashion, but when given the opportunity to study fashion abroad in the United States she did not hesitate to jump at such an amazing opportunity, and lucky for us she didn’t.  After graduating, she worked her way up the ranks of New York fashion by starting as a seamstress in a dress shop, working at a theater creating costumes, and eventually working as a designer.  Working for many design houses from New York to Los Angeles she made her way to sunny San Diego where she puts together couture dreams for the style mavens who trust her to make them one of a kind gowns or cocktail dresses.   FINE Magazine caught up with Malgorzata to ask her a few questions to let our readers know the woman behind the couture magic.  Here is what she had to say…

FINE Magazine:  Our readers would like to know what inspires a creative designer like you?

Malgorzata:  Oh my goodness, people inspire me, fabric inspires me, a photograph, a piece of artwork.  I love looking at the trims and fabric, that is the most inspiring.

FINE Magazine:  Who are some of your fashion icons?

Malgorzata:  Valentino, the real Valentino, not the team now.  Alexander McQueen was amazing.  He was incredible.  I love celebrities, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep.  The interesting women who wear the clothes.

FINE Magazine:  When did you know this was the career for you?

Malgorzata:  At a very early age I was making clothes.   I didn’t know you could even choose fashion as a career until entering college.

FINE Magazine:  What has been your most rewarding design so far?

Malgorzata:  It’s always the latest.  Lately [it is] the solid and the sequence [one in the photo shoot].

FINE Magazine: What is your favorite quote?

Malgorzata:  “Life without passion is inexcusable.” 

FINE Magazine:  Tell our readers one thing about you that they would not expect?

Malgorzata:  I love camping!

FINE Magazine:  What piece of clothing would you not wear in public?

​Malgorzata:   Sweats!

FINE Magazine:  What is the best fashion advice you ever received?

Malgorzata:  Be yourself.

FINE Magazine:  What fashion advice can you give our readers?

Malgorzata: Be yourself, be confident, don’t wait till you lose weight, be yourself in big capital letters!  You can always take [a garment] in later. [laugh]

FINE Magazine:  Name one beauty product you can’t live without?

Malgorzata:  Concealer!

FINE Magazine:  What is your most prized possession in your closet?

Malgorzata:  My mom’s first custom suit she had made in the 60’s using her very first salary she earned.  She was so tiny!

FINE Magazine:  Define your design style?

Malgorzata:  In short, now…elegant, feminity, opulent, and confident.

FINE Magazine:  For people who don’t know, what is couture?

Malgorzata: [It is a] one of a kind garment that is designed specifically for the individual, made by hand, by the best materials and trimmings available on the market.  There are no cutting corners in couture.  It is beautiful from the inside out.  [There are] no sizes.  It is the size of the owner, absolutely perfect for them.

FINE Magazine:  How would you describe your fall line? 

Malgorzata:   Um…opulent, glamorous but also statuesque.

FINE Magazine:  What inspired you when creating your fall collection? 

Malgorzata:  Some of the pieces were in my mind for a long time.  Some of the fabrics were in my head for a long time also.  Being fall I was thinking of award shows.  It’s hard to say, I always want to top my last [collection].

FINE Magazine:  What is your favorite hobby outside of fashion?

Malgorzata:  Gardening and horseback riding, not sure which one is first, I love them so much.

FINE Magazine:  Describe your impression of fashion in San Diego.

Malgorzata:   San Diego is extremely diverse.  It is an area of huge contrast, casual and ultra dressy due to all the [charity] events [around San Diego], it rivals with NYC. 

Malgorzata makes couture evening gowns and cocktail attire for an occasion.  Malgorzata Couture can be found at

Photo of Designer Malgorazata