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Dr. Michael Miller, DMD

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Q: How did you decide and make the decision to pursue a career as a dentist?
Dr. Miller: I had a family friend who had become a dentist. So, in my adolescence I became intrigued and inspired by how his profession in dentistry had such a far reaching and profound effect on the everyday lives of people. As I got older and began contemplating a career path for myself, I realized I wanted to be a part of that influence in affecting people’s lives for the better. I received my Bachelor’s in Biology at the University of South Carolina, and graduated in the top 25 percent of my class in dental school at the University of Kentucky. I then decided to return to my roots in LA, acquiring a residency for a general practice at Cedar’s Sinai Medical Center. In 1997, I choose to move to San Diego and pursue my own dental practice and established my first clinic in Del Mar.


Q: What dental services and procedures do you offer to your patients?
Dr. Michael Miller: First, and foremost I want our patients to feel at ease, so when they walk into my dental clinics, they feel comfortable with a sense of being “close to home.” I want my patients to feel they are in a safe environment in where they can entrust me and my staff, and know that we are always looking out for their best interest. Having that said, some of the services that we include are:

  • Patient Sedation: This can be for dental patients who may have a more entailed dental procedure and may need quite a bit more work done. However, this can also be offered to patients who experience slight anxiety going to the dentist and a mild sedation can help them relax as they are undergoing dental work.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: This can include entirely re-constructing one’s smile to placing porcelain veneers, composite bonding, implementing crowns, teeth whitening, and laser dentistry (used to treat or prevent gum disease, canker sores, or cosmetic gum recontouring). All of our cosmetic dentistry is to enhance and beautify our patients’ smile, increasing their confidence in their overall appearance.
  • Family Dentistry: We offer regular hygiene maintenance such as dental checkups, cleanings, etc. for the entire family (from young children to adults) to maintain their healthy beautiful smiles.


 Q: What are some of the latest trends and less invasive technology that is trending in the world of dentistry?
Dr. Michael Miller: The current trends with the practices and procedures of dentistry are to perform less aggressive and less invasive treatments on patients. Some examples are the following:

  • Laser Treatments: This can be utilized to prevent bleeding of the gums, or the bone from “melting” away from around the teeth that we often find common amongst patients who suffer from gum disease. The benefits are also minimal having hardly any post treatment discomfort.
  • Invisalign: Cosmetic re-construction to enhance a patient’s smile that is less invasive than the traditional braces implemented to straighten one’s teeth. Invisalign consists of a series of clear trays that orthodontically move the teeth into a better and more aesthetic position.  
  • Onlays: These are little porcelain pieces that are fitted into the “hole” of the tooth like pieces of a puzzle and placed on the back of the tooth. Previously, crown replacement was used to correct this problem, consisting of replacing the entire outside of the tooth by “capping” it off which is a more aggressive approach as opposed to utilizing onlays.

Q: As a dental professional, what do you feel is the most essential criteria people should consider in seeking to find a good dentist for themselves and their families?
Dr. Michael Miller: Excellent communication with our patients amongst my staff and myself is definitely key in developing a good relationship. It is vital that we express empathy and take the time to fully understand their needs in order to properly address any concerns they may have with the process. Ultimately, establishing this genuine rapport with our patients from the beginning helps to create a bond of trust with our patients in order to have the patient/doctor relationship flourish. Patients want to know you will be there for them when they need you.

Q:  How do you separate yourself as a dental professional and how will patients benefit in selecting you as their dental practitioner?
Dr. Michael Miller: As a dental professional, you have to be highly knowledgeable and skilled in your craft. It’s not in just by providing your patients quality work, but by providing an atmosphere where patients feel confident knowing that you are their personal dental professional constantly looking out for them. Our team is like a family, always providing our patients the best; whether it is through having the latest technologies, relating to our patients needs by taking the time to understand, always exhibiting a high level of professionalism, and genuinely caring for our dental patients.

I feel these objectives are simple to attain, because when you, as a professional, are able to place yourself in your patient’s shoes at all times, and can envision how they would like to be treated, you are placing your patients first. And, if you could achieve this initial step with your patients, you know and they know you are always making them a priority.  

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