February 2015

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Enhance Your Home and Garden with a Luxury Greenhouse

Custom designed greenhouses are a great way to add value, comfort and style to your estate—and they’re far more attractive, functional and gratifying than you think.

Romance is in the Air for Valentines Day Performing Arts

Those warm summer nights launched me onto an education and career path. I started drama courses in school and in the years following. Then came a gig working at the Fox Theatre (now Symphony Hall) as an usher for the touring productions that came through town.

Sous–Vide: Low Temperature Cooking Technique Guide

Sous–Vide, a simple low temperature cooking technique developed by the French and how it can improve food taste.

Native Foods Cafe the Best Vegan Food in San Diego

Vegan-friendly Native Foods Cafe offers the best vegan food in San Diego popular for their curry bowls and quinoa salads.

Sexy Wine 2015

A list of the Best Sexy Wines in Southern California.

February's Luxury Gift Guide

February is the month of love– and what better way to show your love than with luxury gifts? We’ve gathered the FINEst options to gift your sweetie this month so you know she’ll be happy, which means you will be, too.

Prepare Your Heart to be the Best by Dr Melendez

In San Diego, cardiovascular heart disease is still the leading cause of death. With the month of February being National Heart Health Awareness Month, much responsibility is placed on diet and exercise for cardiovascular health, but little is written about how our hearts love: our emotional heart is controlled by our emotional brain for healthy love relationships.

The Ultimate Fine Art Experience!

As the reigning #1 FINE arts festival in the nation for the past 3 years (Art Fair SourceBook 2013, 2014, 2015), La Quinta Arts Festival 2015 offers visitors a trip to the Coachella Valley for an experience everyone is raving about.

Why the Affluent Live in The Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe

This luxury property in Rancho Santa Fe is currently available and presented by Brian Guiltinan of the Guiltinan Group. Please contact Brian for more information: M: 619.972.4659, O: 858.756.8770, Brian@TheGuiltinanGroup.com.

BiCE introduces authentic Italian with a twist to San Diego

Rare wines, exotic cheeses and house-made pasta make BiCE a uniquely authentic Italian eatery.

Jason Holmes: Offers Private Wine Pairing at Your Home

From his appearances on cooking segment on FOX news “Honey, What’s for Dinner,” - this man can give you a lavish culinary experience at home.

BILY Strengthens the Bond Between Parents and Children

Because I Love You, a national non–profit organization, has been helping parents cope with their troubled youth for more than 20 years.